THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL... join the debate

January 18, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

While the general saying was/is "MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL", some School of Thought disagrees. Rephrasing it as "WOMAN IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL".
It was quite fascinating, as they claim if our first mother, Eve hadn't fallen for the 'apple bite' trick that sent them packing, we wouldn't be languishing in such an evil world. We wouldn't even have needed money at all. We would of course still be in the fancy fairy garden... N-A-K-E-D!... Yes? Stark Naked!. Hmmm...

Their argument sounds serious cos at least no one was an eye witness to that very event. We heard and we read. we were never there to know what happened and how it happened.
While some will start having a change of view after reading this, deciding to download all the blame on the first woman ever, some will discard it and stick to the general saying.

Women Activists what do you have to say for yourselves?... Most guys will so agree with this school of thought, they will not hesitate to slash anyone who thinks otherwise. Please don't do that here. Lolz!. But seriously, what do you think?...

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