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People kept coming in and out in twos, smiling, happy and cheerful. I sat in the company of my friends in the open space at the Prince bar,located in one of the biggest plazas in town. Although I was sitting in an awkward manner, that didn’t stop me from hovering the scope of my peripheral vision back and forth and observing everything that was going on.
Dealing with the log in my eye first before taking care of the speck of wood in the eye of others, I must ask myself why I’m not out there enjoying myself. Of course it’s Valentine. Let me first say that I don’t agree with some single people who put the reason for their singleness as: love wasn’t made for everybody, because I know that everyone possesses the potentiality of loving and being loved in return. Some of us are just matured enough to take our time, not rush or succumb to any pressure whatsoever and to cope with the ‘burden’ of being single; at least that’s what my hooked up friends call it. “Burden of Singleness”. *smh

Males are driven by what they see, females by what they hear… and believe me when I say Valentine does come with the abundance of both. You might if you want to, hear till you go deaf or see till you go blind. Comparing Valentine with the movie, the purge won’t be me exaggerating or overemphasizing the perspective from which some see this particular day. On a good and funny day, you might be pulled into an argument with someone who will go on to table points why Feb 14th should be a public holiday. Like seriously?
Celebration of love is an everyday thing to those who have found the genuine thing and even though there are quarrels, arguments, misunderstandings, abusive words and fights, they all just serve as a fire in which love is refined for it to shine brighter. Don’t get me wrong though since I’m not saying only hypocrites observe The 14th . The angle I’m coming from is to shed light on the way some peeps handle Valentine like its Sabbath to be kept holy and every other day of the week for secular activities.
Your spouse definitely falls into this particular group if:

  1. That’s the only day you see the romantic side of your spouse that day.
  2. That’s the only day you eat out or he takes you driving, relaxing at a park or a dinner.
  3. That’s the only day he buys you gifts, and I mean real gifts. Not picking up food on his way home from work.
  4. That’s the only day he shows affection, talks dirty to you,  comments your physique and outward appearance or 
  5. Says the word “I Love You”.
I believe when love is real, Feb 14th is just like every other day with little extra incentives. So there really shouldn’t be any misconception for Val as the day all hell breaks loose and the caged beast is released for abnormal and immoral submission to lust and execution or display of vanity. It is just so wrong and a total abuse of purpose. Believe me.
While sitting there with my friends, my Samsung galaxy tab and my Memo pad, I even spotted like 5 or 6 couples where the lady is all so excited and radiant and the man is just so gloomy like the zombies in the movie warm bodies. You need no psychic to tell you something is not right and they are definitely at the wrong place. Feb 14 will pass and the problem will resurface, so why not utilize the day to reconnect and make restitutions instead of a pointless and one sided extravagance. That was just my thought though and thank God everyone is a master to his or her own opinion.

Now to the single ones, I won’t say much. Just kudos to all those who refuse to be oppressed or to succumb to peer pressure or Valentine gimmicks and settle down to look for the right person for them. Some of those happy couples you see this Valentine will be gone by the next. So taking your time might the best to saving yourself some unnecessary stress and headache since the patient dog always eat the fattest bone. When you are single, all you see are happy couples here and there, and when you are in a relationship, all you see are singles enjoying themselves. Some of the many tricks life plays on us. Falling in the single category this Valentine isn’t in the least, something to feel bad or sad about. Take things slow, don’t rush into the wrong direction and I can confidently say every passing day brings you closer to the right person destined for you. Maturity is facing pressure head on, working under it and achieving the best result possible.

That said, to both the singles and the couples out there, it is:

Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. Been single for coupla months and am loving it; during this period I've taken my time to do some self evaluation! Val is just over rated my dear......and the pressure of wanting to keep up with the joneses is why so many people are dating blindly!