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With valentine around the corner and love birds already chirping and hopping here and there, while shaking their tail feathers, I thought it as my responsibility as the only available love doctor you have (lolz!) to come up with 9 tips to make your Valentine Special.

Be careful in choosing which one best suits you though, because while some tips require you to be financially comfortable, others can go with the 'low-budget' things. 

Be sensitive to your spouse's taste. I mean, don't take your spouse clubbing and partying, when all they want to do is watch a movie alone with you. You really don't want a disgruntled spouse on valentine. Total turn off!

To cut to the chase, here are the tips, hot and freshly delivered.

1. Go on a holiday
A romantic holiday is what one needs on Valentine's Day. Take your partner and plan a vacation to a romantic beach, hill station or any other exotic location. A holiday can relax the both of you and give you private time together.

2. Surprise Proposal
If you are thinking of proposing to your partner for marriage, this is probably the best time to do so. Celebrate this Valentine's Day by surprising her/him with a ring. It can be a special occasion for the both of you which will make your Valentine's even more memorable.

3. Relax together
Valentine's Day can be made a little more spicy and special by spending the whole day together in a spa or massage centre. Spend the time in a warm water pool with exotic fresheners and oils or take a swim together in a large pool or just meditate together. The relaxation can clear your minds and help you to rejuvenate yourself.

4. Buy gifts
Valentine's day is one special occasion where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. This Valentine's Day make it special by making gifts for your loved ones. You can make a collage of your pictures together, paint a t-shirt, make a card and so many other things. If you are not the creative one, then buy a personalized gift.

5. Surprise date
To make this Valentine's Day special, you can arrange for a surprise date. It can be at your house with a bottle of wine and a chocolate pastry, it can be on a roof top decorated with balloons and roses or it can be a small backyard date with a barbeque. The date can be made special by adding some romantic things like flowers, balloons and gifts.

6. Sunset
Nothing is as romantic as watching the sunset together. This Valentine's Day, plan to watch the sunset together at a place with the best view in the city. This can be made more romantic by two glasses and a champagne bottle. You can thoroughly enjoy the calm beauty of the setting sun and the sky surrounding it with the person you love the most.

7. Movies
Plan a movie date at your house for your partner. Bring in all the movies your partner loves to watch. You can also have home cooked food, a lot of popcorn and beverages. A comfortable, homely but romantic date can be arranged this way. This is a good way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

8. Party it out
If you are not a privacy craving couple on Valentine's Day, hit the most happening party. You can enjoy and celebrate your Valentine's Day with many other couples in love. You can also throw a house party yourself to celebrate Valentine's Day. It is a day of celebrating love, whatever you do, be sure you confess your love to your partner.

9. Anything or Everything

The ninth tip is an open cheque. Meaning, any other brilliant tip that wasn't mentioned, try it out. Of course, there's no harm in trying. If you are wild love birds, you could party and still see the movies and pick like two or three more tips. You could try it all, if 24 hours is enough time for you both.


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