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Meet the 9ice lookalike fast upcoming artist. Olaleye Idowu Joshua. With the stage name “Hi’DeeXP”. 
MMT™ managed to catch up with him on the 9th of february and got an up, close and personal with the “Sweet Lady Master” as he’s popularly called. He’s an undergraduate of Ladoke University of Technology (LAUTECH), signed to the new 1st Xpression Record Label in Ikeja Lagos.

MMT™: Can we get an up, close & personal sir?

Hi'Dee Xpression: *smiles*

MMT™: I'll take that as a yes. So who exactly is Hi'Dee Xp?

Hi'Dee Xpression: An RnB artist ...Signed to Xprecords. Name is Olaleye I.D  (Idowu)

MMT™: Ok. When did discover your talent as a musician?

Hi'Dee Xpression: It's been a long long time...when I was young! I remember I was in the choir and I play the drum set in my local church. But I started recording songs way back since 2009. And came up with my first single in huhhh... 2010

MMT™: Wow!... So what exactly was the first song u recorded in the studio and what other songs?

Hi'Dee Xpression: Title of the first is KPOKPOTITI and it was produced by Kingsolomon! After dropping that, I stepped up the game and came up with “SweetLady” produced by Samklef and “Party dey here” In 2011, produced by Treyp. A UK based producer.

MMT™: Can u recount some producers you've worked with?

Hi'Dee Xpression: I’ve worked with Ranqbeat, Snowzigia, Kobo and Soba!

MMT™: Where exactly is XP records based & how many artistes are under the label?

Hi'Dee Xpression: Based in ikeja, Lagos… And it’s only Hi'DeeX. For now....

MMT™: What are the challenges you have faced as an upcoming artiste in Nigeria?

Hi'Dee Xpression: So many challenges…

MMT™: Ok... Name some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced among the many challenges.

Hi'Dee Xpression: It’s not an easy task running music with schooling since I’m still an undergraduate student of lautech... And then every song requires a big capital to carry out mass promotion!

MMT™: So with that, when last did u drop a song? And what's the title?

Hi'Dee Xpression:  December 9th 2013.

MMT™: Title?

Hi'Dee Xpression: Keresimesi!... it was for the Christmas season.

MMT™: That was a cool song. And who produced the track?

Hi'Dee Xpression: Snowzigia.

MMT™: Like how many songs in total, carry the name: Hi'Dee X at this very moment?

Hi'Dee Xpression: 7 tracks of my song! And 2 songs featured in.

MMT™: Almost every artiste has a mentor. So who's yours?

Hi'Dee Xpression: Internationally, R Kelly & Jarule. In 9ja it’s 2baba and d’banj (eja nla)

MMT™: Are you presently working on any song?

Hi'Dee Xpression: Yea..dropping before February ending and I’m coming out with something different.

MMT™: Almost all artistes are dropping something for Val. The most popular still being Davido's AYE. Is anything coming from Hi'Dee X?

Hi'Dee Xpression: Sadly for val, No.

MMT™: Ok. So where do u see yourself in the next 4/5 years?

Hi'Dee Xpression: At the top of the game by God’s grace, being very popular worldwide, famous and richer.

MMT™: So what's your advice to other upcoming music artistes in the industry?

                        Hi'DeeX with the popular gunman pose. Dope!

Hi'Dee Xpression: Music industry is not easy as before, so they have to put God first! Be creative, unique, hardworking and be patient ‘cos nothing Good comes easy.
Finally we must keep doing Good music...nobody knows the song that will blow any upcoming artist.

MMT™: Hmm! Very thoughtful. Thanks. Then lastly, what inspires you?

Hi'Dee Xpression: Actually, music itself. But what inspires me more is the beat. I mean good beats.

MMT™: What do you do for leisure?

Hi'Dee Xpression: I sing anytime any day ‘cos it’s in my blood. It is something like doing.

MMT™: After this, can any single lady out there be hoping to meet you or your seat is taken?

Hi'Dee Xpression: I’m single and I’m ready to mingle.

MMT™: Thanks a lot for your time sir. Hope to hear from u soon.

Hi'Dee Xpression: It's my pleasure ....sure soon!

MMT™: Ok. That'll be all. Thanks.

Hi'Dee Xpression: The pleasure is mine.

Ladies, there you have it. "Single and ready to mingle"... Daz' all. 
Hi'Dee X can be contacted on this BB Pin: 22703F28

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