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When you first meet them, note* I said them and not the ONE. Better yet, let me call them a “BL” which is short for “Big Lesson”. You almost immediately and stupidly, I might add, fall for BL’s game or hex. If you never encountered a BL then consider yourself fortunate. However, in case one crosses your path this is how you will be able to identify them; a BL operates something like this: You meet them and you’re almost instantaneously enticed by their confidence, charm and their seductive ways.

Now pay attention, that confidence will draw you in like a magnet, it is often a disguise for arrogance. BL’s always have charm and a tenacious way about them that is sure to have you in some sort of a trance. This comes from many years in the game, a serial player at its best. As for the seduction you will experience with BL, well let’s just say it’s like something beyond words or this lifetime.

A BL has the ability to detect your weakness and insecurities on sight.
A BL can sniff this out like a hound and use them against you to reel you in and get you hooked.
 A BL can get you hooked long enough for them to have their way with you then dispose of you like old news. The sweet gestures that hooked, lined and sunk you are now replaced with a lack of feedback or total avoidance. You clearly saw all the red flags going up all around you at the time but, because BL had already succeeded in hooking you, you were already paralyzed and under their spell. You couldn't shake them even if you wanted to.

You already bought what BL was selling so you were too far gone to make any sound judgments or decisions. In the beginning, BL will either pretend to want a real relationship or some may even be up front and say they are not looking for anything serious. However, because of that “CCS” (Confidence, Charm, and Seduction) combo and because this combo is like no other, you don’t even wait for them to play us like a Mattel game. You begin to play mind games on our own self. You begin to create delusional realities and you do this with the most complete rationale too! You begin to believe that you have the ability to get them to see the relationship in a new light. That you have the ability to make them want to turn in their player card and make you the one. You say to yourself that what you have going between the BL and you is something special, unique and worth holding on to. You fail to realize that a BL loves their player ways way more than they can ever care for or love you. Since a player tends to always have their cake and eat it too then why would they ever turn in their player card for you? You see a BL has always gotten away with things in past relationships and perhaps never been truly checked or ever had a dose of their own affliction. So why would they ever change or have compassion or mercy on you. BLs always have that “On to the next one” attitude so what’s so special about you to them?

You tend to fall for BLs perhaps because deep down everyone likes a little challenge or a daring thrill. It's not their unpleasant characteristics that you are drawn to; it is more so the chase that ignites you. It is the chase that makes your heart almost skip a beat or tingle at the sight or thought of them. It is that chase that makes you never forget, or hang on to every word and hope that BL would call or surface. Know that if you pursue a BL you will be left with a non-existent relationship that will ultimately leave you feeling void and disenchanted. The flames will most likely accelerate and ignite fast, things will really get hot between you and then you will be left abruptly burnt.
So recognize the “BL” (Big Lesson) beforehand so that you can avoid being unnecessarily schooled.

Mature Minds Talk.

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