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According to close source the very talented port harcourt gospel artist who is known to be very decent and acts all prim and proper but on the inside, she’s a well known very active notorious runs babes and her clients are always Ogas on the top, from senators to Governors and Oil Money boys, big pastors, Deacons etc.
A friend of hers who was fed up of her indecent act and her wicked act of mockery towards the gospel decided to disgrace her by sending in the nude photos she usually sends to her clients.
Shame is no longer in the dictionary of some ladies, but what is really troubling is the fact that ladies who go out in the name of gospel singer her taking over the prostitution business from street girls with an unimaginable and craze quest for wealth and fame, by sleeping with all kinds of big men in the city.

The babe in the photo above is said to be a Port Harcourt gospel singer. The big girl pretends to be good but her real activities will shock you to the bone
Who can be said to be more evil? The hypocrite babe or the ‘friend’ who sent her picture online.

See her REAL pictures below. Please 18+

Mature Minds Talk.

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