February 08, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

The Federal Ministry of Health owes this old lady an apology. Really

And we cant stop, And we won't stop... Don't take nothing from nobody, yea yea... Its our party we can say what we want! (Its our blog, we can do what we want).

Ok, what if the first time you visit your spouse parent, this how her mum welcomes you

Or you sit at an eatery, looking across your table, you see this:

And yea, before i publish this post, this is the new sign on the land my dad just acquired

I don't wanna post this next photo I'm staring at. It might corrupt the whole internet. (indeed!)

Lemme take a break and ask you... Which pix is the most hilarious?

Mature Minds Talk.

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