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Seriously, i'm writing this with the biggest self-motivation and self-push you could ever imagine and even then, you won't find any sentence of this article anywhere on the web. Use google, use bing, use gotohell. Except their search can get to my head.

Today is just like any other day or maybe not, I told less lies, I got the news of the death of someone, I destroyed something precious, while trying to repair it, my favourite football club keeps slumping down the log, right now, I have a very bad... No... Not very bad… just bad taste in my mouth.
Unsure why I started by writing what u just read, or maybe that was supposed to be some kind of a prologue, I'll cut to the chase.
I’ve been keeping late nights, like a lot, working. I’ve overslept again but wait!... Oh no!… not on a Sunday morning. I have nobody to blame but myself ‘cos as I lay to sleep around 3:15AM, the last thing on my mind was “How am I going to wake up in time to prepare for church?” and like some thought-activation technology by maybe an angel or jinn, The 5AM Call to Hadan prayer travelling from the megaphones of some mosque somewhere woke me up… Not for long though, as I allowed Mother Nature re-sing my lullaby...
...Hence, the normal Sunday morning frantic rush. Typical!
Before I go on, some might have begun to salivate and anticipate on where this write up might be heading to, and I’ll be kind enough to save you some time. You can thank me later.
 If you think, you’ll salvage a few points or punch lines to be used in your next religious debate, check for the meaning of the word “disappointed” in the dictionary for full explanation of how you'll end up. If you think I’m about to start the weighing and balancing of various types and kinds of religion, fall next in line for that dictionary. And if as an atheist, you feel I’m about to drop a disparage to any religion , or denigrate any individual’s beliefs, add an encyclopedia to check for that word up there.

*Reader has gone or Reader didn’t fall into any of the aforementioned groups and continued*

We almost all fall into one religion or the other. Salute to our indigenous traditional brethren who stood firm, after the introduction of our two major rival present religions. “BerakAllahu feekum” to the muslims and “God bless” the Christians.

 As a young boy, some fifteen-sixteen years ago, I sometimes ask myself:
“What if my stern churchy parents were Imam and Alhaja?”

 The only reason I asked myself though was just because I was bracing myself up for the punishment awaiting me for failing to memorize the memory verse given to us a week ago in the Sunday School class. Soon I became the famous ‘Sunday School Dropout’. After having enough of the penalty, opted for truancy.
As kids, you and your siblings grew up with the natural ‘watch and learn’ instincts as part of other child upbringing yardsticks and a bit from dad, a bit from mum, a bit from genetic traits, a bit from outside experiences and so on put together, and we have “YOU”. The acquaintance with some certain things had left us with little or no choice, and I don’t need your permission to say religion has been topping the list of them all, for as long as diversification of religion has existed.
You grow up to realize ‘this’ is your religion. So you’re being taught how to pray, things to recite and memorize, the essentials of your religion, the do's and dont's, the cores and taboos, the level of research your questions can go and the areas better left untouched. You grow up with all the data being imputed into your innocent and clean slate, all the programming codes being fed into your mind’s main frame. We were all told they were food to help our souls grow. You grow up assuming to have been taught more than the next person in your religious group and holding fast to some beliefs even when sometimes even to you, they sound fishy and questionable.
Sometimes, I know you must have wondered how religious fanatics are made. I wonder too. Are they destined to be that way? Did they over-learn the cores and values of their beliefs? Did they get too curious and dambled into the ‘better left untouched’ areas? I watch the news, ponder on some things and sometimes that long, old question still pops out from where I duct taped it in my mind.
“You’re ‘this’ religion, but what if you grew up as ‘that’ religion?” 

Yea sure I’ve seen people move from one religion to another for reasons best known to them, or some reasons known to the general public like marriage. Most humble women quietly leave the beliefs they grew up with and merge with their husbands beliefs as a sign of love. Kudos!

Almost we all are Religious Robots.

We sometimes never really understand what we are doing religion-wise and we all just do it because our parents would frown at doing otherwise or for people to see us fulfilling all righteousness. Keying down this fact is this: Some people don’t go near their religious places of worship, once they are out of parental or supervisory eyes. ‘No religion when there is freedom’

We’ve in one time or the other engaged in religious arguments. Don’t deny except you’re liar! Even elderly ones, I’ve come across them on like two or three occasions in hot religious arguments and “Eureka!” It dawned on me where the biggest window of opportunity to brainwash and fine tune an individual is- His or Her religion!

Every individual’s religious beliefs are taken with various levels of importance and value, depending on that individual. No two individual takes their religion with the same amount of reverence and sacredness. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying as a Religious Robot, you shouldn’t hold your religion with importance, but have you ever mind-peeped out of your own religious programming room and imagine what those in ‘that’ room are going through or what’s going on in there? The challenges and trials of being for ‘that’ programming room… It gets to me how all what some Robots are programmed to do is make… sorry I mean force other Robots to leave their programming room and join theirs. Quite unfortunate indeed for those who’ve never come across the computer value that every robot has a right to his or her beliefs. You’re doing the ‘holy’ assignment as your religion’s devout but what if at that very moment, you aren’t in ‘this’ religion but in ‘that’? 
How would you take the attempt of being convinced or brain washed about the other religious sides? What do you think other Robots that voluntarily migrate from their programming room to other rooms saw or heard that made them change their position. Isn’t there any rule in your programming code that is being violated by forcing outside “Unbelieving” Robots into your programming room? Is this really the higher purpose we are being made to understand that we are called to serve?

If it was so, then where did some higher robots come from with loads of virus, Trojan horse and malware to attack the program codes we’ve been carrying about either since our childhood or since we switched to another programming room. These filthy, wild, good-for-nothing robots completely cause a malfunction in the operation of our software’s operation and to be honest, it takes a lot of effort to avoid being infected by the widespread of their virus.

                                    “It dawned on me where the biggest window of opportunity to brainwash and fine tune an individual is- His or Her religion!” - Jaybee (2013)

The political robots are our best friends. Or so they paint themselves. Needless to say they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are inbuilt with the programming value; “To tweak other robots, master how to tamper with their religious values”. They’ve mastered this tweak so much, its takes a little supervisory effort to get the job done.
Undeniable is the fact that from the beginning of time, men has been exploiters of men.
The results of the above program tweak value? Robots in the attacked programming room become set to self-destruct mode, robots in one room, breaking boundaries and attacking those in other rooms, self-attack, chaos, commotion, virus spread and cloaking of wrong values with the right programs.

Almost we all are Religious Robots.

At a certain hazard level, there comes the almost impossible task of detecting and ostracizing the infected robots for tranquilization, and to allow the lucky uninfected ones go about other programmed tasks.
Speaking from the perspective of a lucky robot, the root must be taken care of in order to make some programming changes. Android users especially knows this, and it solely direct us to the fact that the wrong program cloak must be removed, the higher virus distributing robots must be taken care of, the virus source or channel must be blocked and every means possible for reprogramming must be efficiently utilized.
“Not all robots get lucky and the virus spreads on a daily basis”
I can’t say I’m much of a reader but I research a lot. Strolling around some articles by Michael Sherlock, I came across what made me accept the fact that writers sometimes go into psychic mode and sync with your mind. He wrote “Your religious beliefs are a lot like buttons. Now, if someone as simple as myself can push them and get you to react, what do you think a cunning politician could do with them”

                        “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wise people are always so full of doubts” – Bertrand Russell

There isn’t any better antivirus than education and enlightenment, Self-determination and assumption of responsibility as a means of resetting and reprogramming. Once the light of education eradicates the darkness of illiteracy, a new set of program codes starts being imputed and with determination, responsibility and persistence, one robot after the other, the epidemic radius might start to shrink. 

Some robots have actually being made to assume they must depend on  the higher robots and must carry out tasks assigned to them either immediately or at a scheduled period of time but I must say 

“We don’t know the extent of our power until we make those who think we depend on them see how naked their life is like without us” - Jaybee (2013)

Finally, I probably might have the inspiration or motivation to treat this write up better under different circumstances but as I’ve said, I’m not under the right shape of mind and condition to write and the bitter taste is still in my mouth but its time when we stop destroying one another under the ‘go ahead’ of some filthy higher robots who thinks the best way to divert attention from an ongoing crime or socially unacceptable event is by creating hullaballoos by inferior religious robots in other parts of the general society. Thereby allowing the snake to move majestically around the garden, unnoticed. The most powerful force of rejecting a wrong program code is the determination of the robot itself, and that’s the thing that makes contacting the virus interesting. You could choose to be wrong-programmed or choose to mind your initial programmed tasks, and move on.
I have a little message for you: Allow others stay in whatever room they want to, and if you feel the need to convince them that the codes in your room are better arranged, original and updated, do it with the uttermost respect, courtesy and in the most friendly manner. Whatever brings the introduction of force, definitely would lead to violence and a distractive chaos for a more grave evil to be perpetrated somewhere else. One robot has no right to destroy another for religious reasons. Never correct, never right.

Now the bitter taste in my mouth has gone from bad to very bad… No, not very bad. It’s worse and I’m starting to think I’m munching a buffalo’s bile. I just must say a temporary “goodbye” to my memo pad.

Almost we all are Religious Robots.

Mature Minds Talk.

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