February 22, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 6 Comments

Now, let's quickly present ourselves with a reality check:
All your company's staff are in a meeting room for the brief of your next assignments and your boss was surfing the internet. Suddenly the computer got attacked by a "Count Down Lose All" virus. All the company's files, including the back ups are going to be wiped once the count down reaches zero and there's no storage device nearby and none could get there in time.... Except this your funny looking 32GB flash drive you mistakenly left in your pocket.
Would you  save face and leave the files or would you care about the shame later and save the files?
Lolz!... You said?... Let's hear it in the comment section below!

Mature Minds Talk. 

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  1. What?!... Who cares?!... That could be the door to my promotion. Forget about my face pls!

  2. This might be socially unacceptable. I'll rather leave the files before everyone starts looking at me somehow.
    Then, why will I even have that kind of flash in the first place.

  3. I'm not a guy, buh if I was I guess I'd use d flash drive...and there's no shame, its a "funny looking flash drive"

  4. Besides, I can buy whatever flash drive I like, yeah?....hehehehe....can't stop laughing....

  5. lmao..!!!!o boy..*scratches head*I'd save d files o, its funny and quite embarrassing tho, bt dey all wld understand is a flash...hehehehe

  6. Y will I have such in the 1st place...

    If I do, twill remain in my pocket,

    There is always an alternative if I'm in such shoes I'd think it out ;)