February 13, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

Valentine’s Chocolate.

Typically, the scariest thing you might run across in a box of chocolates is a cordial 'cherry' if you know what i mean (because, let’s be real, they are the grossest). However, if you’re an unsuspecting Japanese boy awaiting a Valentine’s Day box of homemade honmei choco, or “true feelings chocolate,” this year you might have way more terrifying edibles awaiting you.

According to a disturbing new trend making the rounds on Twitter, more girls may be embellishing their honmei choco with extra-romantic bits of menstrual blood, spit, or hair, in keeping with a so-called spell that will ensure their love is reciprocated by the recipient of the  chocolates. The Japanese website Naver Matome has posted a series of tweets around the trend, filled with tweets from girls apparently lamenting the fact that their menstrual cycles don’t match up with Valentine’s Day this year.

I sincerely hope girls around here don't start their copy cat attitude. Give yourselves brain before some real sh!t goes down. Girls please and please, just save it and let the whole witchery attribution and concussion just start and finish in your heads. Seriously!

Some of you will be stubborn. that I'm sure of. But if you like, mix chocolate with ur grandma's pubic hair, your spinal fluid and the broken water of a pregnant woman. If he isn't yours, he isn't yours. Period!

Over to the guys... Nothing much to say though. My brotherly advice: Chew real carefully, boys. Lolz!

Mature Minds Talk.

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