March 10, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 6 Comments

Hello everyone, this is not supposed to be like a ‘Happy Birthday’ post or something and since I'm even supposed to have posted this, 3 days ago but all the same, it is somehow needed. Mature Minds Talk is a month old. Shocked?!... Yea I am too. I feel it’s been like forever we started this blogging relationship, but it’s just a month. Official launch was 7th of February, 2014 and since then it’s been a fun ride with you.
A big thanks to everyone who has found time out of no time to visit MMT at one time or the other (my rhyming skills wont just fade away) and a bigger thanks to those who has gone the extra mile of dropping comments on our posts. Without those comments, posts feel empty- I mean like nobody reads them. Now you know why your comments are really important right?

            Thanks to all MMT fans on Facebook and we hope you’ll join us on twitter since our Twitter media issues has been resolved. It’s a promise that MMT can only get better and stronger with every passing day.
Your comments, criticisms, encouragements and suggestions, put together are what you see whenever you type www.maturemindstalk.blogspot.com into your web search bar and we hope you’ll keep them coming so we can keep working on them to satisfy you and deliver more fascinating, captivating, powerful, and educative posts. 
             Before you ask ‘Does MMT really need to make this appreciative post?” I’ll answer “Yes MMT needs to make an appreciative post” and the reasons are these:

  • Mature Minds Talk now tops Google’s search engine as a distinctive page. Wanna give it a try, type “mature minds talk” in any Google search bar you find.
  • MMT has published 70 posts which include Poetic articles, General Library articles, Humour articles and Yes, the very much loved Journal Series: THE EX FACTOR (currently on episode 5).
  • MMT was nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD.
  • MMT received backlinks from Ladun Liadi’s blog, Bella naija and Linda Ikeji’s blog.
  • MMT Facebook fan page currently has 57 fans.
  • MMT has amassed a total number of 2690 page views over one month. Now let’s do a little statistics. Go and come back if you suffer from Numerophobia. “I hate maths too” Lolz.
    • The division of page views by the number of posts show that each post has been viewed at least 38 times on average.
    • The division of page views by the 31 days in a month shows that MMT has been viewed at least per 86 times per day on average.
    • The division of the total number of posts (70) by the number of comments (26) shows that each post receives 2-3 comments on average.
These, amongst other achievements, unbelievably accomplished in just a month. And the fact remains that all these wouldn’t have been possible without YOU. Now you see why a ‘THANK YOU” post is need right?
            We hope you will keep visiting and keep sending in your comments, criticisms, observations and suggestions and it’s a promise that MMT will wax stronger and stronger as a result of your unwavering support. Keep reading and commenting on MMT articles, follow up and steal poems in the poem section (you’re allowed), use you RCG acronym for Rib Cage Guard when reading our Humour Saturdays and follow the ever exciting Journal Series: THE EX FACTOR (every Saturday by 9pm).
            The New MMT FORUM is also just developing. You can register and post topics while other Forum users contribute and drop suggestions on them. Head over to the FORUM section for that.
Remember to share MMT’s posts with your cliques and peeps. (sorry for chipping that in. No more Ads lolz).

After all written and read, it’s a big THANK YOU once again.
Elijah Jaybee.
Mature Minds Talk.
March 2014.

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  1. Nice one. Keep up the good work. How do I register at the forum?

    1. Thanks. If u r using a mobile, click on the 'home' tab at the top of the page for a drop down list, Select forum & click on 'register'.

  2. Yayyy! He has enabled posting without verification! Now I can comment as I like. Where them post you go oh?

    1. Thanks Amaka. lolz... Too many people had issues posting comments. Had to work on it. I was posted to Lagos.
      Then you can post pix on your blog, congrats. Waiting till you can post links. Lolz.

  3. Good job Elijah...welldone.

    1. Thank you. Hope to see more of your comments now.