March 25, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 2 Comments

On a cold and rather thoughtless night,
We stood hand in hand on the edge of a cliff,
Saying last prayers before the inevitable flight,
I looked you in the eye with insights, you were stone stiff.
Can I still make it to the train station?
And take a nap on the railway till a train wakes me up. 
I've always been the convict of your actions,
Sweet pains, not knowing if you should go on or set alterations.
I ploughed the field of my heart, raised a scarecrow and set booby traps.
I took you the way you were and wobbled along the dark tunnel of your mind like a blind pauper.
I tore out my skin to make you see my heart and  broke my spine to give it to you.
Little fire flies of promises, leading me onwards through the pilgrimage,
A journey that began with a "Hi" and a smile.
You knew what you anticipated doing all along,
We knew, I heard, but I just decided to turn deaf ears to warnings.
Slowly, you began to react to those silly shortcomings,
You saw the fear in my eyes, the trouble on my mind.
Every volcano starts with little bubbling molten magma,
Every hurricane starts with aimless funny winds,
An ocean of words unspoken, a sea of feelings unattended,
A couple of promises broken, a few unbreakable laws jealously guarded.

What happened to us?

I drown in the ocean of my heart ache, nicely messed up and beautifully undone.
Feeling stripped of everything, except the solace I find in the smile of poseidon.
Hold my hand oh mother Athena, or let me at least rest my head on your bosom,
Until this cloud of pain passes and the flowers will once again with hope blossom.
I'll take a bow while the curtain drops,
Hoping to get decapitated and become free of my misery.
At a minute to midnight, the moon started to weep
At the remembrance of how all day, the sun bled.
I'll avoid you like a plague in another life,
If I'm not twice a fool to get caught up in the aura of your attraction
I'll explore all my options, whether to slit my wrist with a knife,
Whatever will fill the cup of your satisfaction.
My head is spinning. My hand is freezing
My throat is chocking. My heart is melting.
How did the tides turn? Where did we get it all wrong?
I looked you in the eye with insights, you were stone stiff.
Slowly and steadily, u metamorphosed from reality to a myth.
Making me second guess myself and wishing I could've done more and given it all.
Allowing fate to lurk in the shadows and let out that mischievous smile.
I'm sorry for believing you when you said we're not going to get hurt.
Can't believe I'm once more a patient of TIME - My personal doc.
Once beaten, twice shy, thrice heartbroken.
I'll like to be sedated or preferably slump into an induced comma.
Whatever would ease this pain.
The immeasurable agony of this indescribable heartache.
I'll be fine once I get it. I'll be good enough to shame fate.
In the meantime, I'm sorry doc hand over to me some painkillers.

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  1. nice one.. I want some too *grins*

  2. I love your Diction...but I bet you don't nees those painkillers, they could be pretty addictive :)