March 15, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 1 Comments

I'm really confused about this.
My dad and I just recently transferred my grandpa to an adult care home. Since my dad wasn't too much based in the country, i did all the visiting and covered the immediate expenses.

One disturbing thing that happened on my fifth visit was the manager telling me that my grandpa has shown sexual advances to the male staffs in the institution and the latest was pretending to be ill and asking the cleaner (male) to come rub his manhood.

I was taken aback and rose to the defence of my grandpa. The manager took me to his office, told me he would've played the CCTV recording of 2 infamous acts but it was too disgusting for him. He handed over to me the two tapes and told me to watch it when i get home.

I stood up almost in shame and apologized on his behalf. I just dropped the items i bought for him cos i couldn't afford to see him. I've kept the tapes since i can't just watch them too.
I love my grandpa so much but I'll never be able to look at him after this and a lot of questions have been running through my mind.

"How long has he been gay?"

"Does my father know?"

"How did we all not notice all these while?"

"Does old age affect peoples sexual stands?"

"Could it still be a misunderstanding"?

I just don't know what to do.... I've not gone to see him since then.

Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. lol....it could be a misunderstanding..but wait!..can he be gay?...lmao