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I published a post on signs to know if you're an addict to sex a couple of weeks back and I got a few comments and mails on how helpful the post was but right now I feel very bad because the most important comment to me was the one suggesting I post cures of sexual addiction, alongside the signs. I feel so bad cos it took me this long but I've been in NYSC camp and haven't had access to the internet for quite a reasonable while.

10 quick ways to combat sexual addiction
1. ADMIT: The first step to recovery is admittance. Once you've admitted to needing help, the journey to recovery automatically kicks off.
2. DETERMINATION: Addictions are actually formed habit. Like any other addiction, determination is the first stage of breaking a habit. Without determination, all you can do is keep trying. Be determined you want this habit to stop and be ready to give it all it takes.
3. PRAYER: This might no not necessarily be deliverance, but if you're not an atheist, then you must believe there's a good man up there who's willing to help out. Don't ask why prayer came after determination though. Prayer without determination is as useless as shooting to kill with rubber bullets.
4. JOIN A RECOVERY GROUP: You might need to join an anonymous recovery group where everyone can help each other out. These groups can help in cases where you need to talk to someone and share problems. Never underestimate the power of joining discussion groups as you'll learn from others and their experiences might be the challenge you need.
5. ABSTAIN FROM PORNOGRAPHY: This is one thing you need to flee like a plague. No matter how determined you are, pornography is never the test to measure how strong you have become. Pornography affects your mind and I mean directly. It weakens your will power and will cause a very steep regression in your rehabilitation process.
6. CUT OFF RELATIONSHIPS: Unhealthy and progress halting relationships have to be cut off in the best interest of your rehab process. First of all, unhealthy relationships with opposite sex and girl friends must be cut off. Then relationships with friends who encourage you to have multiple sex partners because they engage in such themselves must also be cut off. In simple words, Just for you to grow, some people's got to go.
7. REGULATE: If you're married, leaving a life of sexual addiction might not necessarily mean bringing your sexual life to a halt and thereby affecting your partner. Regulation is needed and strict adherence to your schedule is required. As funny as it may look out sound. Regulating the time you have sex with your partner will help you gain control of your sex life. It might be difficult at first but with time, you'll slowly gain that much needed control.
8. REPLACE: One of the easiest tricks of addiction is replacement. Sometimes, the catalyst to flushing out an habit, is replacing it with another habit. Sketching, reading, writing, solving brain teasers, crafts and so on are hobbies that one can develop into an habit to replace sexual addiction. Sexual addiction can be a very strong habit, so I'll advice the combination of at least two of the afore mentioned hobbies to be developed into an habit and ost especially whenever you find yourself in the 'mood'
9. MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS: The way out of sexual addiction is not an abstract road. Don't be deceived. Just as people tick out dates for a count down, tick out dates on your special sexual addiction recovery calender to monitor your progress. This will also help in monitoring how far and how well the process is coming along and give a more real meaning to your recovery task.
10. MEDICATIONS: I mentioned this last because I believe an addiction can be broken without the help of medications. Professionals often use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help individuals with sex addiction learn their individual triggers for sexually destructive (acting out) behaviors, reevaluating distortions in their thoughts that contribute to their acting out behaviors, and ultimately controlling those behaviors.
- THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES: Amongst many other consequences, sexual addiction if not broken, can break you marriage, relationship, your image, and even your career would feel the negative effect.
Don't procrastinate. Break off that habit now.
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