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Her name is Sophie Aldridge (pictured, center, with her son, Thomas), from Dover, Kent, didn't realize she was expecting until the very moment 5lb 8oz Thomas was born last November. At five months, the 20-year-old is pictured in a skin-tight boob tube most non-pregnant women would struggle to get over their knees.
At six months, she is at a friend's wedding, quaffing champagne. The following month, she can be
seen sporting a skimpy white top - and at eight months, she flaunts her enviably taut tummy in a crop top and orange maxi skirt. 'I know it might sound stupid to some people, but I had no idea I was pregnant,' says Sophie. To give birth suddenly and without warning as I did was absolutely terrifying. ‘I didn’t have any symptoms. I didn’t get morning sickness. I was wearing my usual size ten clothes. I had regular periods throughout the pregnancy, and I didn’t have any cravings.
’It seems inconceivable, doesn’t it? Particularly the fact that she remained 9st throughout. Although she didn’t weigh herself regularly, Sophie doesn’t believe she put on a single pound.  Where on earth was little Thomas hiding?
To a cynical mind, it is all too far-fetched to believe. But the lack of bump bit is proved by the plethora of self-portraits - or ‘selfies’ - that Sophie took during the nine months. Not so much as a curve to her abdomen in any of them.
I don’t know how possible this is, probably females and any medical personnel can have better insights into this and might be able to jump to her defense but on a very normal day and which has been the case, Sophie has been tagged a liar and an attention seeker. Is it possible to be pregnant and not know it till delivery day? She smoked, drank and partied till the day Thomas was born. Thankfully he was born healthy. Strong kid. i must chip in. She claimed she regularly saw her period and had no morning sickness or whatever other signs was supposed to indicate any pregnancy.
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  1. Wow that's just crazy. She didn't even have a trace of pregnancy showing on her. That can't be true.