May 15, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 4 Comments

Changes, changes and changes. The only constant thing is change and this brings us to the point of discuss for today.
I have a friend who's like 5 years older than I am. She was always very attractive and everyone appreciated her style, fashion sense, charisma and beauty. That was before she got married. Yep, she's married now and everything that got everyone stealing looks at her just suddenly disappeared.

The word "Who am I forming for?" is always her reply if you attempt to bring her to the fact that she needs to be more good looking like she used to, cos for someone seeing her for the first time, you would just breeze by, almost shaking your head and the old fashioned young lady that just passed beside you but believe me, she suddenly became that way after her marriage. She wasn't always that way. Now, she combines opposing colours and sometimes takes her whole dressing to the '60s.
I was forced to ask her once "Why did you get married?" Cos her fashion and style keeps degenerating with every passing day.
The funny thing was that just yesterday, I was opportuned to hold a conversation with her husband who in the 2 hours conversation, complained about his wife's nose diving fashion sense.
"We only go to native parties now." He said. "I can't take her to cooperate events or programs organized by my company anymore. She does look very odd and it wasn't like this before. I feel it's my fault because she asked me one time like that, if fashion and appearance attracted or distracted me and I said NO." Every effort to get her stepping up her dress sense meets the barricade question "Who am I forming for?" He was really sour about it and that gave me more concern since I used to console myself with "If her husband is not complaining, who am I to?"
Ladies, the fact that you are married or have a fiance is not the green light to poor dressing and very shabby looking appearance. If you're not looking good for anybody, what about your man? Think about that.
Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. Eeya, I feel bad about this. Dude should handle it carefully though. You're very right! My ultimate aim would be to wow my hubby both in my birthday suit and when am fully clad.

  2. You're right Amaka... Some girls don't just think that way. They feel after they get their man, there nothing more to do.

  3. Na wa o.....some ladies don't just understand they have to look good always, if not for their husband but at least for themself. You are married does not mean u shldnt takia of urself.....Too Bad tho.