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Good evening everyone, both visitors and MMT Blog followers. I promised I was gonna be back with a continuation of yesterday's post, hence the same title with a continuation in bracket. As time is fast spent & no time to check time, I'll cut to the chase and drop a few points and garnish it with a few explanations from my meeting with the preacher.
Don't forget the three simple steps he gave me.

- Give God :- This is as simple as it sounds. Pay your tithe and offering, whether in the church or mosque. Since you can't see God face to face, see his reps. Pastors, Imams & maybe your native doctor if you so think or feel. (I'm not entering into a religious debate). People (christians) specifically look for spare #20, #50 on saturday evening in preparation for sunday and wouldn't even care if its dirtier than their toilet rag. The preacher said, if you give God like a bus conductor, you won't be nothing more than a passenger but if you give God like a father, he'll treat you like a child. Now tell me, if God treats you like a child, how will his glory not reflect through you?
Tithers can never be beggars so pay your tithe and see how your life will look compared to someone who doesn't. Also try to support as many religious projects as possible. Not necessarily the ongoing one in your mosque or church. Might just be one random one on your street or one you came across in the village.
The word "God LOVES a cheerful giver" is not just a song. The preacher said "You can give your way into God's heart".
My Atheist friends would already start contemplating closing this page by now but the remaining two points might actually interest you.
- Give others :- This one is as important as anything and there are many quotes to back up the importance. The most common being "Givers never lack". How true this is, you might never know until you start giving others, out of the scarcity of your pocket. All act of kindness and giving has rewards  of multiplied return but personally I think giving when its inconvenient has more return than when it is convenient. I don't make the rules though but the preacher gave me an example of a very popular evangelist who gave out the only car he had.  Now he owns a private jet.
It is actually a must for everyone that desires to have more to give more. If you are still in the group of people who thinks giving makes it finish, you need to raise the bar of your reasoning cos giving actually makes it surplus. Muslims know this very well and making it part of the five pillars of islam is what makes them rich. I think why you might not see muslims among the richest men is because the richer they are, the more they give...and the more they give, the more they have. Its a cause and effect thing.
Around this junction, I asked the preacher and said "Ok. What if I'm an atheist" and he replied and said "Giving and becoming rich has nothing to do with whether you believe there is God or not". There are a lot of atheists who are philanthropists all over the world, so you can actually not believe there is God and get rich through giving. Its like gravity it doesn't work on only scientists. Give and receive is a general law for everybody. So he said "If you still have doubts, looks at our very own Tai Solarin".
- Give yourself :- This is kind of the interesting point that took the lion share of the discussion time but the summary of it is this: If you give God, give others but fail to give yourself, you'll never have anything to show for following or obeying the first two points. Some people are so stingy, they owe themselves from their own cash. If you've never taken yourself on a treat, watch it. If you have the cash but feel extremely reluctant before buying something for yourself, change. For instance, if you're using a 3rd hand Honda (baby boy) you service and repair every weekend and you have the convenient cash for a RRS, you need medical check up. Also, if you're enjoying your immediate cash while your mates are investing, you're foolish. You're giving yourself now and saving hunger for later.
There are lot of points under giving oneself but I won't really go into the details. Probably not today. You can ponder on that during your "ME TIME".
Has my article been about 'Giving'?... I'll say NO. It has been about the three easy steps of growing rich from the spiritual perspective, with help from my preacher.
- Give God.
- Give others. 
- Give yourself.
Thank you for your time and take care.
Mature Minds Talk.

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