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A good and wonderful morning to everyone. Happy New Month again and hope we enjoy a miraculous breakthrough this month.
I'm not sure if this piece you're reading is even supposed to be found here but sometimes, I just can't help the urge to write things down. I love it and that's why I do it.
I was just reminiscing on a thousand and one things and I just felt like granting a few peeps access into my thought train (without ticket) and probably I'll see one or two people who might just be thinking of the same thing or who reading this would help stir up their thought.

Quickly, and first of, I must say if you live your life without a "ME TIME" you're living wrong. A "me time" is similar to a quiet time except you do more than pray. You sit down and assess yourself, talk to yourself and think about the diverse aspects of your life. This would help you pinpoint areas you might have overlooked or you probably procrastinated about.
So after a lot of random thinking, counting my blessings and appreciating God, self assessment, personal advice and correction, I got to the junction where I was just thinking on how to make this month better than last month. Not that last month was bad, at least I made a few bucks and ticked out a few goals as 'achieved', I still had a few question marks hanging over my head.
I needed more FINANCIAL stability. Yep, that's written boldly cos no one is excluded from the bandwagon of greener pastures seekers and one thing that crossed my mind and I did was go spiritual about it... Lolz... Not ritual or fetish. Nope, I'm not that desperate but you know they say physical things are just the replay of concluded things in the spiritual realm. I don't care what you believe but I do believe that to be true, so I went to sit in front of the preacher with just one question in mind:
Without wasting much time, the preacher answered me. He said:
Becoming very rich is very easy. It takes just three steps.
And as I stood up to leave, I impulsively sat back and asked him to explain these 'simple' three steps.
I'll make another post about his reply and explanation but I have to go now. I'll be back tomorrow with the extensive breakdown of the steps he gave me that ended in over an hour of discussion.
Do have a very nice day.
Mature Minds Talk.

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