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A simple friend calls you by your first name, a real friend calls you by your nickname.
A simple friend doesnt know whether you passed or failed the exam, a real friend collects your script for comparison and correction.
A simple friend asks why you took his or her pen without permission, a real friend exits you're through.
A simple friend hears all the errors you made in your speech, a real friend says "it's a flawless speech."

A simple friend wants to know the exact time you'll return the money you lent, a real friend hardly cares to know.
A simple friend asks whether dad and mum is at home, so that he or she can come some other time, a real friend helps them in the house chores.
A simple friend feels uncomfortable in the presence of your parents, a real friend asks after them sincerely.
A simple friend asks why you called at this time of the night, a real friend asks what took you so long to call.
A simple asks what you'll like  a birthday gift, a real friend already knows that.
A simple friend rarely asks after your dad and mum, a real friend had their numbers in his or her address book.
A simple friend helps you reluctantly, a real friend asks what he or she can do to help.
A simple friend says he or she doesn't know whether you committed the crime, a real friend can tell whether it's you or not.
A simple friend exits till a third person (party) settles the dispute between both of you, a real friend talks to you in the face.
A simple friend always want his or her opinion to bo considered, a real friend will reason along.
A simple friend says you're always late to the class, a real friend wants to know why.
A simple friend asks "Is there any problem?", and a real friend asks "Will you tell me what the problem is?"
A simple friend brings extra dish for your party, a real friend comes early to help with the cooking and guess late after the cleaning up.
A simple friend expects you to beg after an argument, a real friend says "l'm sorry".
A simple friend gives you the amount you asks for, a real friend asks, "Will that be okay?"
A simple friend wants to be treated as a guest when he or she visits you, a real friend goes to your refrigerator and helps out a drink.
A simple friend says "I have only a pair of shirts", a real friend is ready to give you the second of his (or hers).
A simple friend sends quick recovery messages, a real friend wants to present flowers him or herself.
A simple friend says "I didn't know I annoyed you", and a real friend says "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to annoy you."
A simple friend finds it hard to write you apologetic messages, a real friend thinks "I have no alternative."
A simple friend has never seen you cry, a real friend has soggy shoulders from your teatears simple friend shakes you after seeing you for a long time, a real friend gives you a warm hug.
A simple friend tells you treat the cut at home, a real friend says "let me treat it".
........and so much more.
What are you my friend?
A REAL one or a SIMPLE one.
Thanks for reading.
Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. Awwww Tope Saliu this is for us! Friends forever