June 15, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

You never only taught us how to live, you showed us how and helped us on how to do better.

You never only showed up at happy times, you were there through the worst times and helped us pull through it.

You never only brought us up with God's words, you taught us how to live by it when you weren't close by.

You didn't just teach us how to be rich, you taught us the difference between wealth and success.

You didn't just support us with our education, you polished us with the most important part: Morals.

You didn't only give us a house to keep us from the sun and the rain, u gave us a home to block out psychological pain.

You aren't just a father to me, you are a DAD also. A god and everything that trails behind it.

Thanks for everything Dad. I love you.  

Happy Fathers Day!

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