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Readers are Leaders... And there's no doubt about that.
Good morning to everyone. Hope we have a nice week ahead.
Quickly and Simply put, if you don't read, you may never uproot ideas deep down in you and can't have a sound self development. Most top business men, pastors, motivational speakers, even professionals like doctors, programmers, architects and so on have all written one book or the other and believe me when I say you can't write if you don't read. Meaning, they all read.

Let me be safe to say, if you're reading novels like Mario Puzo, James Hardley Chase and Nico Burton, you haven't started reading - You're just entertaining yourself like playing a video game or watching a tv series. No self development can come from that.
A young flourishing business man in the USA said all he did was read a book and it changed his mentality from CV submission to Job creation... And the book he read was "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.
If a single book can change someone's orientation that much, as to make him start living a very comfortable life, imagine the resources you can tap into by grabbing various motivational and self development books that can spark up IDEAS in your head. You know the popular saying. Don't you?
"Ideas Rule The World."
Go read!
Try some of these:
• Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
• If you want to be rich and happy, don't go to school - Robert .T. Kiyosaki
• Business of the 21st Century - Robert .T. Kiyosaki
• Richard Templar's Rules Series (of Wealth, of Work, of Life, of Love, of Money, etc) - Richard Templar
• Rich dad, Poor dad - Robert Kiyosaki
• Rules of Self Discipline - Brian Tracy
• Rich Kid, Smart Kid - Robert .T. Kiyosaki
• Why we want you to be rich - Donald Trump & Robert .T. Kiyosaki
• How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere
• And many more inspirational books.
Readers are Leaders... And there's no doubt about that.
Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. I beg to differ about the hardly chase. I find some inspirational books boring *shrugs* my dad has truckloads of them in his library but I've read almost all you listed. Ben carson's books are also a good read then the alchemist. Can't remember the author but check it out.