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I've wanted to write this post all week but tight schedule would only delay but not stop me from sharing this with you.

All men are born with unequal opportunities to become equal.
Someone once said: It’s not a crime to be born poor but a crime and even a sin to die poor.
Although riches and poverty are quite broad and can be very relative (meaning what you consider as riches might be poor in my own standards) but the fact still remains that just for one singular reason, some people will die either a little bit richer than how they were born or poorer than they were at birth.
What is this singular reason I'm talking about?


Fear is a topic that can fill up a whole higher education note but the fear I'm stretching my pointer to here is the fear of failure. Some people fear failure so much, they'll never try to succeed. A lot of life changing opportunities will keep moving past them but they don't have the balls to jump unto a moving train and that simply explains fully the meaning of the word: POOR which is Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.
Wealthy men are known today, not because they sat or strolled into wealth but because against all odds, they gave it everything they've got. Let me be safe to say that they may not even be reckoned with then but now they've reached the light at the end of the tunnel, everyone wants to know what they did and how they did it.
The inability of a man to take risks is one of the cornerstones in that man's downfall because he can never be great. A lot of our parents lived financially safe lives and steered clear of many risks and we need no telescope to see how far it took them.
I know the story of a man, who resigned from his handsomely paying job in his late 20s to start his own business, became a millionaire at 30, went back to borrowing at 33, built back his wealth for four to five years and retired from all his works at 47. We all know him either directly or indirectly. He's the author of the longest New York bestselling book: Rich Dad Poor Dad. His name is Robert .T. Kiyosaki.
He said in one of his books that the reason why many people are employees rather than employers is because a lot of people cherish security and that reminded me of my discussion with a very good friend of mine, who I was telling about a job opportunity and he made a statement that amused me. He said "I'm not really all about the payment, the security of the job is more important to me.”... My instinctive reply was "There's no job that's secure, as long as it isn't yours."
Every country needs the rapid up-spring of entrepreneurial minds and there's more pressings needs in developing countries. We've all heard the saying: IDEAS RULE THE WORLD... But fear would make some people clutch the ideas to their chest in their graves as they sleep forever and that is the reason why people rightly say the only place full of ideas, wealth, unused resources and potentials is the grave yard. Take it or leave it but it’s the truth.
Romans 8:15 gives the spiritual perspective about fear and I'll imply youths to cast of the natural cloak of intimidation, and timidity. Take that risk! Yes you will fail a few times (not a curse) but it’s all what sums up to make your success story inspiring and motivating for the upcoming. Or what exactly will you tell those traveling on the same road you travelled and facing a few challenges if you've not been in that same shoes yourself?
Fear of failure is the master slaver for people who are thinking of achieving success and exploiting their full God-given potential and one of the thick margins separating the employees and professionals from the Business owners and Investors is the level of risks each one is willing to take. While some want to live the low key, risk free and quiet life, others want to make real impact and are ready to put everything on the line not only to be a success to themselves and everyone around them, but to make sure the day they die becomes a national holiday. The side you represent depends on the how much you've dealt with your fear of failure.
Failing at something doesn't make you a failure, it only adds to your experience by making you discover how not that particular thing is done. The only time you're a failure is when you quit.
The irony is that our day-to-day activities are a stack of risks and we won't because of that kill ourselves. For instance, I had a really terrible nightmare overnight but that won't stop me from sleeping again this night. You go out to work every day even though you hear stories of those that go out and don't come back in. Bombings and kidnappings everywhere! Why don't quit your job and just curl up in your room- at least that's safe. Our daily lives are a domino of subconsciously taken risks.
Someone one said: Those who are scared of taking risks would always work for those who aren't.
Conclusively my friend, I want you to wake up the sleeping adventurer in you, let go of the fear of failure and task the risk to achieve your dreams. Nobody can take risks for you. You've got to make decisions, as that's what makes you human.
I want you for a few seconds to close your eyes and imagine yourself risking everything for a dream only you can see and achieve.
Have a nice weekend.

Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. Nice write-up! What we really need in this generation of ours is nothing but DAUNTLESS fellows, who are willing to risk ANYTHING to get EVERYTHING. Fear is a destiny-killer! Overcome fear, and see your real self blooming! Josh.