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If you've ever Cut, Copied & pasted anything on your computer or mobile devices, and you've never for once thought of how it came about and whether you can just say a small "Thanks" to the person who invented it, if there was anyone, then you're a very big ingrate.

For the rest of us, the person we've indirectly thought of is Lawrence G. Tesler. The inventor of Cut, Copy and Paste.The genius up there.

The medium (clipboard), which we use for temporary storage, was first implemented in 1973-1976 by Lawrence G. Tesler while working on the programming of the smalltalk-76 at Xerox Corporation's Palo Alto Research Center. The function became only really well known under the two operating systems Apple Lisa (1983) and Macintosh (1984) in which the CMD or the apple key in combination with the keys x (cut), c (copy) and v (insert ) was used to perform the desired operation. Later, Windows simply copied the function, and the Ctrl key, previously used for sending control characters, turned into a command button.

The 'meaning' of cut & paste is from the area of ​​manuscript editing, in which the text is physically cut (cut) and then glued in the desired position (paste). This method was used to physically alter documents until the late 1970s. Can you imagine?

Today each of us uses the copy & paste feature several times daily. We don't only us it for a quick Google search, but also with many other Internet applications. Whether you're a PC or an Apple user It's a certainty that we will continue to use this nice and easy function well into the future. The use of this function, as we see it, will continue to be fashionable, as long as we don't have to go back to using physical paper!

Whether you like it or not, each time you 'copy & paste', you're simply saying:

"Thank you Tesler for being a blessing to mankind."

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