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Hi everyone, this is something I should have posted here a while ago but it just have kept skipping my mind until I forcefully grasped my note pad today. What you're about to read is a true story and it all happened in real time. Brace yourself! (*In most shoking's voice*)... Lol!

This is so hilarious, it gets me smiling every time I remember the events of that very cool Sunday evening and asides the funny side, you could learn a thing or two from how my mum got ripped off.

So we were chilling on a very cool Sunday evening around 7:40pm thereabouts, the TV was off and the lengthy conversations I have with my mum when its just both of us kicked in.
Fifteen minutes into the convo, I remembered I had a few calls to make and just as I was about requesting her permission to leave, her phone rang - perfect opportunity.
I quickly left to make the calls (that took around 10-15mins), came back and saw my mum sending a text. Phone in one hand, N100 mtn airtime in the other. Surrendering to a very unusual curiosity, I asked who the credit was for  and this was her very reply:
"Some road safety people were the ones that called me when you left. They said an accident happened around Lagos/Ibadan expressway, Ibafo precisely and they found my number in one of the victims car. I don't have anybody going via that route though and I've tried Layi's number (a family friend) it's not going through..."

"Ok. So what about the card?"

"Ehen... They said I should send credit so they'll load it on the victim's phone and be able to call me with the person's number for identification and I should send the credit urgently. I think N100 should be enough. It can't be anyone I know because God is our protector. Let me not just be nonchalant about it you understand?..."

I smiled and nodded.

"So I've sent the credit. A part of me tells me something isn't right cos I don't think FRSC people call victim's relatives to send credit. I told the person to buy credit and load it, then call my number but he refused. That makes it even more fishy."

"Well, I owe you five hundred naira airtime if the person sends any number. You should have given me the N100 airtime." I knew my mum had just been ripped off and I just couldn't help smiling but 100 bucks isn't really a big deal.

I sat and we continued gisting, then her phone rang. After the conversation, my mum looked at me and said the guy called to acknowledge getting the N100 airtime but immediately he loaded the airtime, mtn wiped it - meaning the person must have been owing mtn before, so I have to send another one.

Now the 419 pranks was beginning to piss me off and I just took my mum's phone, got the number and called it from my own phone.

"Hello?" A male voice spoke from the other end.

"Guy howfar na?" I replied.

"I dey"

"Where you dey?"

They were like three cos I could hear like two different voices in the background. One was chuckling, the other jokingly shouting 4-1-9.

So I blasted the guy, told him to get a job and a life and stop blaming Nigeria's economy for his predicaments cos he was like "It's your country's economy. Don't feel bad cos you've just been ripped off (he thought I was also one of his definitely numerous victims). And I should not call his number again.

I was very angry during the phone conversation but couldn't help laughing afterwards.
The extents that some people would go to rip others off. Planting fear peoples heart just you could gain an extra N200 or N400 airtime. Lol!

So that's my mum's rip off experience.
Thank you all on her behalf.

Oh yea, she said she called the guy later and said if he lied about the auto accident just to collect her hard earned money, then he should be expecting one of his family members to be involved in an auto accident. Lol! See deep words.

All for the love of airtime.

Have you ever been ripped off? better or worse than my mum?... Please share your rip off experience. Send your story to


Mature Minds Talk.

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