November 18, 2014 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 1 Comments

Happy Birthday to someone very special.

Times and seasons goes by fast but not fast enough to forget your special day boo. I could still remember our conversation over the phone a couple of months ago when I was racking my brain over the name to choose for my site. Lol!... At last we eureka-ed Mature Minds Talk and guess what?
Over twelve thousand people have come across that name.
You’ve always been a spinal line for me and in everything you’ve supported me like a sworn duty. Nobody can take your space in my heart cos you took a sharpey and engraved your initials in there and even though I can’t do too much in saying Happy Birthday, I’ll humbly ask that you find time out of your busy schedule to take this little poem and enjoy it. Thanks!

its your birthday today
happy birthday to you i say
may your years be long for you this i pray
may your joy never stop today and everyday
may your tears turn to cheers this i also pray
happy birthday

its your day once again
happy birthday to you i say again
all that you've lost may you regain
God's glory on you may it remain
the enemies of you may God detain
happy birthday i say again

top of the world cheers to you
happy birthday to you
with love and care i send this to you
many happy returns i also wish you
the best of God may God give you
happy birthday Zee, cheers

God will continue take you from strength to strength, victory to victory, glory to glory, breakthrough to breakthrough and your source of creativity will never run dry. (Cos you’re one of the most creative people I’ve met.)

Mature Minds Talk.

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1 comment:

  1. Awww........so sweet, u are very special to me too and that would neva change