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Alaska State Troopers are urging Kodiak residents to lock their doors to protect from an "underwear bandit" targeting women's drawers.
Troopers issued a dispatch on Wednesday informing Kodiak residents of numerous reports of burglaries involving "various items such as women's underwear" being "stolen or rifled through."

"While investigating these crimes, AST has also learned that other citizens of Kodiak have encountered similar events in the recent months, however, they were not reported to law enforcement. Alaska State Troopers are reminding the public not to leave their homes unsecured and to be vigilant of their surroundings, especially during the early and late morning hours, and to report any suspicious activity."

Kodiak resident Hannah Clark said she was repeatedly targeted by the thief while she was out fishing during the summer.

"I can't believe there is an actual underwear bandit," she told KMXT-FM.

Audrey Buie said in a comment on KTUU-TV's Facebook page she was also targeted while visiting a friend in Kodiak.

"Whoever this perv is, stole all mine, and my friend Macie's underwear in one day," Buie wrote. 

"While I was visiting, she picked me up from the airport, we dropped my suitcase off at her house, she was changing and noticed all her underwear was gone. We came back 30 minutes later and my suitcase was opened and all of mine were gone too! CREEP!"

What would you do if every time you do your laundry, you briefs gets missing?... That’s creepy right?
Beware of physical and spiritual PANTY RAIDERS!!!... Lol!

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