January 20, 2015 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

Apologies can't be enough to any devoted fan of Mature Minds Talk site who would be reading from us for the first time this year. What can we say?... From the depth of depths, we're sorry.
And a lot of appreciation to those who kept checking on the site, a couple of people sent mails, some checked us out social media platforms and those who merely had us in mind, thanks to everyone.

The summary of the story is that after everything and foiled attempts to keep us out forever, we're back for good and not just back but back and better and that's a promise!

Happy New Year in arrears and may this year be the year where all our dreams become reality and our heart desires are granted.

Now part of being back and better is that we've scheduled our posts and one kind of posts will follow a day that is dedicated for it.

Final decisions are still being made and last minute adjustments. Meaning once it's all set and tested for a week, we'll be good to go.

Thanks again to everyone who stuck with us while we held on BBM Channel and yes!... to all our spanking NEW BBM Channel subscribers, welcome on board and we love you guys.

God bless you.

Mature Minds Talk.

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