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The world was created by the spoken word of God. {Gen 1:3-31}
Jesus spoke to the turbulent storm while He was in the boat on earth. {Mark 4:37-40}Most of the miracles performed by Jesus in the bible were done by speaking. He spoke.
A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall be filled. Life and death are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat its fruit thereof. (Proverbs 18:20-21).

What do you communicate to people, does it minister grace to the hearer? {Matt 15:11&18} Does your word portray you as a believer or your words doesn’t signify any regeneration? Unclean utterances results to ungodliness. {2Tim 2:16}   
Remember in the book of 1Samuel 17:43-46, Goliath, the philistine, tried to ensnare David with his word by telling him that he would feed his body to the birds of the air but David reacted to the statement with faith, irrespective of the size of the philistine, and said he will cut off Goliath’s head instead (David wasn’t even holding a knife, he was just with a stave and five stones). And at the end of the matter, David’s word came to pass because he spoke it out and remember, God was also with him.
So, no matter how big your mountain may look, just have and speak faith to it and you’ll see it give way just like Jesus said in Mark 11:23-24.

Don’t just open your mouth to speak, there are times to keep quiet and look too. Don’t let your mouth be faster than your thought. As the saying goes “look before you leap”, sometimes you may not even need to leap after you have looked because what you are intending to leap on is just a floater. Every idle word shall be judged {Matt 12:36}, {col 3:8}. Jesus said “What proceeds from your mouth defiles you because it comes from your heart. {Matt15:17-20}

As said earlier, death and life are in the power of the tongue, so you have the opportunity to tread on the path of life which is Jesus {John 14:6}. Even salvation is confessed with the mouth, though believed in the heart but the confession part is crucial.
Instead of engaging in those unwholesome talks and discussion, thereby wasting precious time, why not use that opportunity to minister Christ to someone, perhaps there is someone in the gathering who is yet to decide or backsliding and needs a word from the Lord. You can be the Vessel ready for the Master’s use.
With your mouth, you can resist the devil like Jesus did when peter said he wouldn’t allow Jesus to die on the cross.
Give thanks to God instead of complaining and watch your life take a new turn. Your confession is your possession, speak out all the promises of God to us in the bible and learn to say positive things to yourself. {Ephesians 5:4}
Be blessed.

Mature Minds Talk.

Written by: Adeoye Hakeem.
Edited by: Elijah Jay.

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