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One of Britain's longest married couples have been wed over seven decades without a single row. 
Since marrying in 1941, Ernie and Renie Hills from Tiverton, Devon, have survived Hitler's Blitz, a bout of tropical thrombosis and a stint in an iron lung.
Not only that, but the husband and wife endured it all without arguing once. 

The couple believe that if everyone used their fail-safe technique - talking things through - then there would be no more war in the world.
Ernie, 97, an ex toolmaker and serviceman-come-milkman, and Renie, 93, who worked in London's factories during the Second World War, first met when she was pushing a bike near her home.
A man walking nearby shouted out, 'Oi, would you like to hold me up like that?'
She said: 'That was it, we were together after that.'
Ernie added: And you know what? We've never argued since that day,' he explained.
The couple say the key to such a long marriage was mutual discussion, a clear understanding of one another's needs. 
Speaking to Exter express and Echo, Renie said: 'I take no notice - if he's a bit up I throw it away - throw it to the wind.'
If there's a disagreement, the couple sit down and talk it out instead of raising their voices. 
She said: 'I say what's my view and he says what's his view and we argue it out like that. 
'We're married - he's mine and I'm his and that's how we look at it.
'We talk things over.'
Ernie added: 'There's no need to argue.
'If we find anything we're going to argue over we discuss it.
'If people talked things over there'd be no wars on earth.'
Ernie, who served in the Second World War, contracted tropical thrombosis, a life threatening condition, while serving in Mombasa, Kenya and was rushed home.
Renie was terrified for Ernie's life, but thankfully he eventually recovered.
She said: 'It was as if the heavens opened up for me on that day and it's like they've never closed since.'

That’s the couple on their wedding day back in 1941.
Wish them as many more fruitful and loving years as possible.

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