February 21, 2015 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 1 Comments

Hello everyone, I've read a few articles these past week about different sex related issues and people's opinions and point of views on these issues and I must say my own contribution and not conclusion is that there are some very sensitive issues that can never be unified to a group of people because they have always been relative, they are still relative and will forever be relative- This means that people will always have different preference and choices when it comes to sexually related issues.

Now, as short as this post will be, I just want to gather the different opinions of people on this particular scenario:

Watching pornography is very bad, whether you’re single or married cos it’s spiritually and emotionally unedifying. That has been and will always be my viewpoint on pornography.
Now, assume you and your spouse both agree to make a recording of yourselves in the act of love making and the next morning you both sit down to enjoy it over breakfast once and delete the media file to prevent any unwanted story about your privacy.

Is that the same as watching pornography and is that religiously and morally acceptable?

Can I be enlightened here?

Mature Minds Talk.

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1 comment:

  1. Pornography still remains pornography, it doesn't have two names as it can't be mended, its not a function of d colour, shape, or size of who acted it, so far it portrays d meaning for d aforementioned word, its still pornography.....that's my view...