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From The Desk Of Jaybee,
CEO Mature Minds Talk,   
Lagos, Nigeria.                  
To My Fellow Nigerian Out There Trekking.

Hello there,
How’s the task coming off? I’m sure you guys have heard it’s Season of the trekkers, as some has called it, which is a good title but not as cool to my hearing as what I’ll call “The trekking business”. ('They'll' still come and say Jaybee is just a business fanatic).

Many years ago, the World Health Organization came up with one of their numerous research results that said the urge to trek is the first symptom of madness. Well, I’m not going to disprove W.H.O guys but I guess they just weren’t open minded enough to see the business opportunity that lied right in transporting yourself from one place to another with your natural vehicle in the name of a top politician in your country. We are Africans, we are developing, and hence, we see opportunities in everything… symptom of madness or not.

I don’t really get the drift of this trekking up and down the country like we’re reliving early civilization ages but 1 thing I know for sure is that we Africans like to imitate! Imitation is one of the core materials flowing in our blood. A couple of months ago, a diehard supporter of the president elect, who’ve keenly followed his course of coming shy of winning the result of presidential polls three times vowed that if this result came out in the president elect’s favour, he would embark on a foot journey, which as a man of his word after his prayer was answered, he did… and of course, got rewarded for it.

The first question I have for other trekkers is: Can’t you guys be original? If someone decides to trek and he got rewards for it, must you embark on the same quest and expect the same rewards? You can contact me for a lot more other cool ways to show loyalty or appreciation or whatever it is you guys think you’re showing to your political heroes and I promise you, these ideas are not life and health endangering, hasn’t been taken already, and yes, it bears less symptoms of madness (Less cos there’s a stint of madness in every creativity.)

Another question I ask myself and would like you guys to help me out is: If you guys were gainfully employed or rather as I preach to most youths, gainfully self-employed. Would you dare abandon your businesses to take on the useless task of loitering from one place to another? Pardon my selection of words here. I’ve not pressed cltr+P but seriously, I’m just wondering. Your task is just a pointer for the incoming government to one of the pressing needs of Nigerian youth – Employment (Jobs and Opportunities) abundance of it would go a long way in hindering crappy business/money making ideas from finding its way into the heads of graduates who are supposed to be either be running their businesses or working for money but in the absence of that have decided to walk for money.

Lastly, I would just want to advice those guys who are planning to trek from Nigeria to Mecca on the 30th of May to visit these three people before embarking on that adventure. A spiritual leader (for special prayers), A psychologist (to make sure they’re really ok) and a physician (to state clear the health risk involved.) Not sure all you trekkers know they’re better businesses that don’t pose threats to both your external and internal organs and if it’s loyalty or appreciation and it’s not about the money (I know it’s almost always about the money), then there other creative ideas you guys could reason out amidst yourselves or ask for.

As for me, rather than trekking, I'll pray for the incoming government. Hope this one would be the one ordained to lead our great country with countless potentials out of the wilderness to the promise land we all have at one point or the other dreamt about.

Please if this little piece can be forwarded till it gets to any of the trekkers, then you just might have helped someone. But if you’re hell bent on trekking for whichever politician it is you use as an alibi to hide your symptoms, I say good luck to you.

Happy Trekking and have a wonderful life ahead.

Yours Truly,

Mature Minds Talk.

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