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Did you know?!

1. Philips Emeagwili, a Nigerian professor of mathematics, was the inventor of the world's fastest computer?

2. The largest feet in the world belongs to Brahim Takioullah from Morocco. Measuring 1ft 3 inches in length?

3. As small as it looks, the eyebrow contains approximately 550 hairs?

4. Louis Cole,  a 28 year old man from South-west London, eats live scorpions, dead frogs, lizards, maggots and other strange animals even in public and has gone further to hire a lawyer to prevent his arrest?

5. It is against the law to mispronounce the name of the state of Arkansas in the United States (since the last letter 's' is silent.)?

6. Norman Whitesides of Manchester United was the youngest player to ever feature in a World Cup match when he represented Northern Ireland in their 1-1 draw with Yugoslavia at the 1982 World Cup at the age of 17 years and one month old?

7. Kangaroos and Emus are the only animals that cannot walk backwards?

8. All babies are colour blind. They only see black and white when they are born?

9. Elephants have been know to remain standing even after they die?

10. Octopus reproduces by tele-sex, such that it's reproductive organ is detached from its body and swims to a suitable female which automatically gets impregnated by the swimming penis?

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