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This is a true story, funny but true. Names have been changed to protect the identities of characters, so apologies if there is still any relativity to any reader. It's purely coincidental.

The Player vs. The Cele Girl.

In the prayer room.

"So why did you leave your first girlfriend?"

"She was too possessive sir."

"Why did you leave the second?"

"She flirts with guys a lot. All her friends are guys."

"And the third?"

"She accuses me of cheating every time sir."

"The fourth?"

"I never said we're no more together. (Sob) In fact sir, please that's exactly why I'm here."

Tunde was a final year student in one of Nigeria's prestigious private universities and was on his fourth babe in the school. Changing the girls was just coincidental to his level but it thrilled him sometimes when he thought of it. At least that's what he says.
Talk about the flirtatious expert and the sleek player, Tunde never really cared what the ladies, especially the victims thought of him and like a magnet, even when a new prey is warned about him, she still goes ahead to date him... But the story was about to change.

Sarah was Tunde's present girlfriend and they had been dating for four months. The very gentle, slim, chocolate skinned lady couldn't hurt a fly... Judging from appearance. She was the ideal girl, wasn't possessive, didn't unnecessarily accuse her boyfriend of cheating even when his slip ups were really glaring, she was understanding and ready to support financially or in any way she could. Surprisingly also, Tunde was her third bf. "Unfortunate for the good girl" one would think.

“I’m not cheating on you! Ease up with your insecurities abeg!.” Tunde would bark at her whenever she brought up the topic about his lack of commitment and his inability to remain faithful. Most times, it was her who ended up apologizing and as expected, it made our guy feel cool… like a local champion.

Being faithful in a relationship is tough but nothing compared to being a player – Jaybee.

Tunde decided to visit one of his side chicks over one weekend around April last year with the story of going to check on his cousin in another private school in Benin. He would be gone for the weekend.
“Weekend looks like one month” Sarah, who couldn’t see him off to the park cos she was a bit ill, had told him on the phone.
“See you, I’ll be back before you finish gisting with your friends joor.”

Goodbyes were said and off the player went to his true destination – Lagos. It was indeed the first meeting between him and the side-chick who knew he had a girlfriend but didn’t care. They’d met on twitter, familiarized, exchanged pictures, some of which Sarah herself had deleted. Hotel arrangements had been made for the weekend and Tunde had stuffed his backpack with all sorts like a soldier going to war.

------- A couple of hours later --------

Tunde checked out the room, let out an evil smile (like hell yeah! Let’s do this) and arranged a few stuff in the wardrobe. Just as he was about stepping into the bathroom a knock sounded on the door.

“Come on in” He said, knowing for sure who it was.

Debby opened the door with a smile on her face, in a second her handbag was on the floor as she ran into Tunde’s open arms screaming “eeeehhhhhhh!”

Before one could say “Jack Robinson”, they had started making out. Kissing, caressing, undressing, moaning and the likes were going on. Tunde was lying on Debby who was now in just her pant and bra, grinding up and down against her, torso to torso. Moans were the conversation of the moment but suddenly, Tunde jerked up like a soldier ant had bitten his groin.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… Seems I’m stressed from the journey. Gotta take a shower.”

Tunde made his way into the bathroom with a very strange expression on his face. While he was still inside the shower, he heard his phone ring.

“Your madam is calling you.”

“Leave it. I'll call her back.”

A few seconds later, Tunde came out of the bathroom naked. One of the strategies he uses to instill a higher level of confidence in his catch; especially the shy ones. Debby shuddered a little at the unexpected sight.
Tunde went to where Debby lay in her briefs, and sat on her laps and was about to start making out again.

“No… No…. No” Debby managed to mutter.

“What?... What is it?”

“Switch off your phone. I don’t want her disturbance”

With a smile on his face, Tunde reached out for the phone, switched it off and continued where he left off.
Temperature had risen, make out was in high tempo and both parties were moaning. One way or the other with the creativity of Tunde, they were both stark naked. He was determined to mark Debby on his register, right there and then, even if they had the whole weekend to themselves… but something was wrong.

To be continued.

Mature Minds Talk.

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