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Yes… yes, yes. It a very well-known fact that there are a lot of gold, diamond, silver, even bronze diggers out there, in here, everywhere; girls nowadays would ridiculously dig anything ‘dig-able’ and you really don’t want to imagine the kind of tools they dig with. Miners have got nothing on them.

Gone were the days when they dug with digger and shovel. Nope!... technology has made the tools mechanized so they can literally dig you from far, middle or close range.
A bro once updated his BBM personal message and I quote:

“Whenever she uses that sad smiley as pm, brothers better not ask what’s wrong cos next thing, you fit dey open GTB app for your phone.” Can we call that ‘smiley-digging’?

Now to the main koko of the post, please regardless of your experience(s) with the female folk, they are not all gold diggers (abi your mum gold dug your popsy?). That girl you’re casting one kind side eye on may not even be a gold digger.
These points doesn’t qualify your spouse as a GD. Understood?

> She asks how much your salary is: Believe me, not every lady asks this with a mischievous intention. Some only ask in a bid to help you become a better financial manager. Depending on how long you’ve been together, she probably have seen how you manage your cash and knows she can either help you handle it better or give you good management ideas. It’s a sign she sees a future with you.

> She asks you to buy this or that: That’s the way most ladies see their men, especially ladies who haven’t been independent since a young age. These ones tend to see a daddy figure in their men. Yes, she might have a million naira in her account and she’s still asking for 30k for shopping or something. She only wants it to be a “He-bought-it-for-me” item. Not necessarily GD.

> She asks you to settle her bills: Most times, it’s her internet sub. It might be something bigger like her rent or so. She only wants to enjoy your financial strength and capabilities. Not necessarily gold digging you but if she asks you consecutively, errr… I don’t know about that one sha. But settling your spouse’s bills ‘at times’ isn’t necessarily a GD antic. If you’ve got the capability for it; why not?

> She asks for a material possession: “Borrow me your laptop” “Can I borrow your iPad?” They never use the word “Give”. Once they start ‘borrowing’ it, they want to have it. It’s not necessarily GD if she gets some things for herself and you too – once in a while and not overly dependent or borrowing but if she has never gotten you anything and all she hasn’t borrowed are the keys to your car and apartment, my brother, keep those well.

> She asks for your bank details: This one is very technical. I would strongly disagree with sharing bank details (banking app passwords, ATM pins, Security questions, etc) with someone you’re courting/dating – my own view. You see, when you get married, even if she wants the finger print, it’s all hers. But believe me, situations may occur and she asks, doesn’t mean she’s a GD. You must be very meticulous and know the kind of person you’re dealing with. Is she somebody you can disclose info like that to, or you’ll just find an excuse till you can probably handle the situation from your end. Your relationship; Your decision.

Let’s stop at that five for now and a word for the brothers is: Don’t let past experiences put you in a corner where your spouse will keep feeling offended any time financial issues rise between you two.

Disclaimer: Those five points are sincerely relative and the author has not said they should be ignored as gold digging red flags. Instead, a high level of meticulousness, ability to study who you claim to be in a relationship with and accurately sharp use of your common sense is required in following the content or points above.

Thank you.

Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. Funny post, I don't quite agree with these points though.

  2. Lol...funny! I agree with you admin, tell those guys out dere that thinks all ladies out dere are gold diggers. They should read this post tho, it would help them with their level of thinking.

    1. I know you will happy with a post like this. See them

    2. Nice article bro, but when it comes with dealing with "Nowadays babes", hmm...errrr.....coupled with past experiences from coast to coast (Hausa,Yoruba,Igbo, Fulani at Tampa), my broda, u don't want to be naive else twill be too late