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We all know that breakups are not the best and are only resorted to, when all other options doesn’t work. When a relationship doesn’t work out at first, no one advices breakup rather, it’s advised one puts in more effort. When break-ups happen, the bottom reason is because things are falling apart and the center can’t hold.

Below are five funny but real reasons why breakups have happened. It may sound untrue but just try to wrap your brain around it because this isn’t fictional but true life cases.

Dressing: Two years ago, a couple already engaged decided to dissolve their relationship and part ways. Of course the question “Why?” would pop up at some point and the girl said “nothing” but the guy had a different answer. He said he couldn’t put up with the girl’s dressing anymore. Her dresses were too exposing. She was either in a micro mini skirt, a bum short, skin tight dresses or cleavage revealing dresses. The girl refused to change on the grounds that her parents are not blind. Go on and date your parents. Smart girl.

Accent: This one is funny and common too. Most girls are guilty of this one. They travel to South Africa for a month and come with British accent. The guy in this case from what was heard, was having none of his girl’s overly pronounced accent. Na she go first travel out? Heard the girl went for her masters in UK for just a year, came back and was scattering everywhere with her British accent. The guy probably got fed up or disgraced or both and just had to call it off. Poor accented girl.

Ambition: When one of the parties in a relationship is overly ambitious, it might go either ways with the other party. In this case, the guy broke up with the girl just because she was overly ambitious. She and the guy started dating during her Youth Service. Later, she got one masters, went and got the second one, got her PhD, all through then, she was running a makeup business on one side and rendering event planning services on the other. She and the guy dated for eight years but according to the guy, on evaluation, she wasn’t the kind of person he wanted to settle down with. She won’t just have ‘The time’.

Religiousness: Being a pastor isn’t even a bad thing. Do you know how many girls want to get married to a pastor? Well, this made the list since a couple of months back; a girl brokeup with her fiancé (not boyfriend) with whom she spent three good years just because he was too religious. I guess she was only being satisfied spiritually and you know girls of nowadays have more needs than just spiritual. She did her evaluation and decided she would rather date a non-religious or less-religious person who wouldn’t follow strict religious rules and satisfy other aspects. Good luck to her.

Wandering Eyes: Now this made me laugh. A girl recently broke up with her man after four years and the reason is simple and straightforward – He has wandering eyes. Seriously? After four years?... Maybe he suddenly developed it or something; but in truth, almost all guys have wandering eyes. You’re sitting in a restaurant with your babe and a sensually dressed lady walks past your table. It’s only human to see and look because sight is the nature of men. You having a Ferrari does not mean you can’t look at a Bugatti. It’s not cheating until you decide to take the Bugatti for a test drive behind the Ferrari.
So that’s it. Have you seen or heard some weird and funny reasons for breakups, please share them with us in the comment section below.

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