January 20, 2016 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 5 Comments

One of the things Nigerians are really good at is ‘response’. We always have a response for everything. Good or bad, acceptable or not, we feel a deep urge to reply, especially when our image or ego is been stroked. I’ll come back to why I started this article with this.
For those who aren’t following proceedings on the US Presidential election campaigns, you might want to do that first so you’ll really relate to what you’re reading – especially if you wish to give a response or drop a comment. (No sarcasm). More so, the closer the elections get, the hotter and more interesting proceedings get. I wouldn’t want to assume or make you feel you’re reading a political article – for the large bunch of those who are fed up of anything politics, including myself.

A few days back, one of the republican contestants by the name DT gave Africans; especially Nigerians some few word lashings and as expected (you know Nigeria is the highest Social Media user in Africa), people jumped on Social Media to give him a ‘response’. Some said the way he’s running his mouth, he would never win. Some cursed him for some of the ‘idiotic’ words he said. Some said he would only end making more US enemies if he continued using his mouth before his brain. I was just reading comments and smiling.

What did DT say? I’m not going to quote but part of or similar to what he said included chasing all Nigerians out of the US should he eventually become the US president. He also said that Africans, especially Nigerians are usurping jobs meant for honest, hardworking Americans and Nigerians need to be sent out to work on their country. Yes, he also said that politicians in Nigeria are some the most corrupt ones and they rob the citizens blind, after which they head over to the US to spend the cash meant for the public.

The part that got me laughing was DT saying Nigeria needs to be recolonized for another hundred years, more preferably by the US because we know nothing about self-governance and looking at the way things are in Nigeria, we learnt absolutely nothing from the British. What the heck?!!! He said other things o, but relaying it gives me more to think about than write about. Year in year out, independence is celebrated (we already know Africans love celebration) nothing is achieved throughout the cycle until it’s time for another celebration.

Honestly, I don’t even know how many years independence would be celebrated this October cos I’ve totally lost interest in the thing itself. After listening to what DT said and reading Nigerians reaction on Social Media, I can just conclude that on the trail of that national bashing, insulting the man may be the correct response, but can never be the justified response (for those who know the difference) Where are we, the popularly acclaimed giant of Africa when some fast developing African countries are mentioned?

Rather than insult anyone for feeding us the hard truth, we would do better looking inwards, taking the reality check and working on our governance system. How long would Nigeria be tagged “The place where nothing ever works”? When would the blindfold of corruption be removed and we would see how far behind we are, compared to other countries? How long would we continue to use the deteriorating state of the economy to kill the spark in bright and brilliant young minds?

Let me just go and finish my cup of Lipton since I don’t even know if poor internet would allow me publish this post. My laptop battery is even about going off since the small fuel in my generator is on tight budget and we’ve not had light for three days straight. “Nigeria we hail thee…”

Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. My Nigeria!
    I'm tired of going back and forth on issues regarding this country jare

    1. E no pay you reach me.

    2. E no pay you reach me.

  2. The issue don tire me sef

  3. It is well wiv Nigeria. All I know is that things can't change until our present system and or governance is removed or changed. Things have been damaged for decades, it will take longer to rebuild it. It is well with the masses!