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A conversation ensued between an older friend (late 40’s) and myself about some personal issues. These life issues were patterning to her and after the conversation, with the aid of research and internet scrambling, I was able to map out logical and strategic steps on how to go about issues like that. A week later, I presented my proposal to my friend and she said she had gone for prayers and the consultant… sorry, I mean the clergy had told her what to do. Well, that should even be better I thought but out of curiosity, I asked what the clergy advised. The answer was shocking… Fast and pray for twenty-one days. Finish? Really? You’re sure he didn’t add anything else?

My proposal would only take fourteen days from start to finish but she politely discarded it as she was bent on going spiritual which wasn’t even a bad thing, except… well, let me hold it. Now, that made me remember a question I raised in a bible study class about Kleptos (you know, Kleptomaniacs). 

So I said, for instance in western countries, a teen is kleptomaniac and the conclusion is that it’s a naturally condition and the teen needs to be taken to rehab for reorientation. So he/she is taken to rehab while in Africa, a teen is kleptomaniac and the conclusion is that a demon has possessed the teen. He/she needs to be taken to the mountain for intense deliverance session(s) and he’s carried off. Let’s assume it was indeed a demonic attack (since we are Africans). Is there something they did to the demon at the rehab (in the case of the western teen) that made it uncomfortable and leave the body of the host or are we just too spiritual minded in Africa that we forget that not everything is spiritual?

That innocently asked simple question turned the bible study class to a debate room for around half an hour. Africans over emphasize spirituality at the expense of reality. A girl isn’t married at thirty-five, she’s always at the front seat at the yearly MFM ‘Power Must Change Hands’ deliverance prayer yet her friends have stopped visiting her house because of how dirty it is and her dress sense is a throwback to the early 70’s. At least she’s not the guy that claims his father’s other wives are not allowing him get a job for four years and has refused to learn a skill or go into business. And just because he studied Physics or industrial chemistry, he’s patiently waiting for the day Shell or Chevron would come calling so in the meantime, he’s on the mountain observing a 40 days fasting and prayer session against some probably innocent women going about their daily petty trade.

You know, I’m not saying this spiritual technicalities and anomalies are non-existent since we are from the ‘dark’ continent where a lot activities go in places like trees, forests, rocks, walls and even in thin air but I’m just saying we would be saving ourselves a lot of time and energy if we gave room for logical reasoning. Over emphasizing on spirituality is what has made Africans (especially her women) slaves to spiritual figures like Imams, Clergies, Native doctors, Seers and so on. The effect of spirituality on the already permissible African mind oftentimes tends to mess with logical reasoning and after a 20mins BBM chat/debate with an African-American friend, he concluded with a very silly conclusion. 

The main reason why there are very few high-rise building in Africa like other places is because there’s a dominant horizontal pattern of reasoning; whereas, every other continent thinks vertically (I choose to disagree with that annoying assessment). We need to stop pitting Spirituality against Reality. If you want something, don’t just pray for it; work hard to get it. If you want good grades, don’t just pray; study. You need a job, pray but also submit your CVs, create connections and obtain professional certifications. You need money, start a business and pray God blesses it.

That is the way to align spirituality and reality rather than contrast them. Hope this makes some sense to an African who intends striking a balance between spirituality and reality. Have a nice week ahead.

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  1. *sighs*....word!!! Tell them o, the way Africans take spirituality can be annoying at times. Some would even tell you it's your like on fb that can heal someone's disease. Seriously?! They need to know heaven only help those who help themselves.

    1. You're right. Exactly why the holy books said "work and pray". Not just "pray".
      Likes on Facebook curing diseases. Lmao!

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