January 16, 2016 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 2 Comments

*Enters Mature Minds Talk Elite Room*

*Coughs (x9)*

*Dusts cobwebs*

*Sweeps and dusts the chairs*

*7 hours later, the room is put back in order*

“Mic check 1,2… Mic check 1,2”

Ehemm… Hello everyone, I know no one would probably get to read this but if you do get to, how are you and how long has it been eh?
How has life been treating you? Hope you’re okay?

Sorry, I’ve abandoned MMT Elite Room. The once very lively space, where we said it just the way it is. Thanks to all those who kept asking how far with MMT. Asking if I’ve sold it or it has gone on total lockdown. Apologies to you guys, I’ve just been lazy and busy. Lazy in that, it takes less than an hour to make a post and the spare time I’ve had has been channelled towards something else; my business especially. That’s why I said I’ve been busy. Running my online service firm www.blogoxygen.com has taken more time than I anticipated at the beginning and I’ve always had it in mind to resurrect Mature Minds Talk and do a kind of run-together thing but I just never got around to it. I deserved some sticks.

Okay, after all the excuses and whatever whatever, MMT was and is still about her readers. Throughout the time I was away, my mind was always with you guys, praying and wishing life treats you good and offers you the best. Hope my wishes came to pass?
If you’re reading this, I’ll like to welcome you back to Mature Minds Talk discussion room – The Rejuvenation. Posts would be coming in, at least twice weekly for now and that’s a promise that won’t be broken. While I was away, I’ve learnt a lot in Content Management System (CMS) and I intend implementing some things I’ve done on other blogs as paid service on MMT as well. Welcome back once again.

If you want to know what we’ve been up to and how you can possibly benefit from it, send a mail with any subject and any content to contact@blogoxygen.com cos that’s our new brainchild. Born from the encouragements of some MMT Readers who we might never have back in here, let alone say “Thank you”.

Thanks for coming back because MMT is nothing without you guys. God will bless you and make 2016 a prosperous year for you and your family. This is Mature Minds Talk – The Rejuvenation. Check out our “About Page” and remember to check in this discussion regularly as we attempt to take things a step higher than what it used to be. Thank you.

Mature Minds Talk

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