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Oftentimes while growing up, the male kid gets baffled by the ‘preferential treatment’ concept. It does seem too complex and complicated to wrap your brain around as a kid and sometimes, you (as a male) might feel slighted, cheated or even irritated at the way adults seem to handle issues that arise between you and a girl. The straw that might break the camel’s back for you might be the simple explanation (especially when you didn’t ask for one) that “Don’t you know females are weaker vessels?”
Now, let me paint a picture: Two JSS3 students were caught bullying a few other students in their class – a boy and a girl. They were set to be punished. The boy was made to scrub the floor of 10 classes and the girl made to scrub 5 classes. Of course, nobody raises any eyebrow since it was only normal for the “stronger vessel” to be strongly punished and the weaker one to be weakly punished. Right?

Scenario number two: A friend was on a Friday queue at an ATM a week ago, earpiece plugged, taking one step after the other with a great deal of patience and hope. Around half an hour later, he was fourth in line. Suddenly, a lady stood beside him and only by the movement of her good looking lips did he realize she was saying something.

“Sorry?” He said as he unplugged his earpiece.

“Please sir, I’m really really in a hurry. My kid is waiting for me in the car it’s really hot and sunny. Can I stay in your front please?”

"Hian!... stay in my front?... I’ve been standing here for God knows how long and just when I’m the fourth person on the queue, you just emerge from nowhere and stare at me with your duck like face and sickle cell voice. Can I stay in your front?... No, you can stay in my pants. Get the hell outta my face” my friend replied………. In his mind though; cos he actually allowed the lady withdraw before him. Now try to switch the genders and imagine the outcome of that scenario. Don’t make me laugh.

Men are supposed to be given the preferential treatment if you ask me. These supposedly weaker vessels are not weak at all. They are the queens in life’s chess game. Don’t ask me ‘how’ but if you play chess, compare the queen’s movement and ability to the king’s and tell me which one you’ll wish came in two. This gender is the best strategists around and let me site an instance.

If a car with a lady behind the wheel mistakenly hits another car and a guy comes down from the hit car, there’s a very minute “Oh! Thank God it’s a guy” sigh of relief the lady breathes compared to when a lady, especially one looking older and classier steps down. There are countries where crimes don’t carry the same amount of punishment for different genders. Imagine!

Upon all the cheating, some ladies would still want to leverage on their gender and assets (for those that have) to have their way in some situations. Brothers, I encourage you to cast away any form of hesitation and reluctance in serving them some serious reality checks. If any “weaker vessel” thinks the supposed weakness can serve some unreasonable leveraging purpose like stepping on a guy and instead of saying sorry like courtesy demands, you make eye contact and smile like an overfed sheep, you need some proper reorientation.

Weaker vessels should in no way mean dumber vessels. Females aren’t even as weak as depicted in some scenarios but oh well, nature has endowed you guys with the power to cause an unexplainable underestimation on the opposite sex. Just enjoy it responsibly. Cheers.

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  1. Lol...this article tho. well, we being treated like a lady that we are doesn't make us weak vessels. Some ladies just take advantage of their gender. Truly we need some reality checks sometimes.

    1. Thanks Anon 12:18 you're quite right. Reality checks are very essential.

  2. Doesn't mean we aren't weaker vessels. Some ladies just take it to another level, using it as an excuse for almost every act of silliness.
    Nice article though.