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Our phones have become a part of our everyday lives, especially in the era of smart phones. Using one’s smart phone has spelt misfortune and even death for some people as phone usage isn’t acceptable everywhere you are. Quickly, below are 11 wrong places to use your phone(s).

1. In A Religious Gathering
Whether it’s in the church or mosque, as long as a religious service is going on, using your phone is sure to distract you and probably someone else, close to you. If your body is twitching to use your phone, simply step out, knock yourself out and step back into the service.

2. During An Interview
Ever heard of people who were sent out of an interview process because they couldn’t just switch off their phones as instructed? It may sound bizarre but if you find yourself at an interview, with the sudden urge to draw out your phone (especially against instruction) don’t do it.

3. In The Airplane
These are the “Social Media Must See This” people. Some people would even go as far as fighting the flight attendants after persistently telling (begging) them to switch off their phones. They should threaten to throw them out without a refund.

4. At The Filling Station
The sign that has a phone picture with a red line across it isn’t just for decoration. You’re posing a potential risk to your life and the lives of other people at the filling station. Just switch off the network for the short (or long) period of time.

5. On A Date
Some ladies are too fond of this one. Yes, you don’t like the guy but you’re eating the food he paid for. At least don’t insult his personality by choosing your phone over him. And guys who do it too, it’s a big sign of disrespect.

6. At The Movies
A lot of people are guilty of this one. The hall is dark. When you take a picture, you camera flashes and there’s no escaping it being a source of distraction for people close to you. If you’re no longer interested in the movie, allow them watch theirs in peace.

7. During A Meeting
Many bosses take advantage of their position to put up this “No one can question me” attitude of using their phones. It is sign of irresponsibility. Dozing in the meeting is a more tolerable bad habit than using your phone.

8. At The Saloon
Hair stylists can relate to this. You used your phone throughout the whole time and you’re complaining the style isn’t exactly what you asked for. How will it be? Is the stylist a magician? OYO is your case. Abeg fly.

9. While Driving
A lot of people have died from this particular habit, so much doesn’t need to be said on this one. If you’re still text-driving, God help your soul and good luck!

10. While Walking On The Road
Until some people bump into a pole or someone else, they won’t remember that they’re on the road. Some even go as far walking into an oncoming vehicle. Death cases have also been recorded on text-walking habit.

11. Add yours
Feel free to add yours.

Good luck to our phone addict pals everywhere. God continue to help you guys.

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