March 27, 2016 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 2 Comments

Just wanted to wish you a very happy Easter and a happy holidays.

May the season bring some much needed refreshing and revival to important situations in your life.

May everything that's been failing begin to work and new ideas begin to flow in your thought stream. When each and every one of your plans look like it's going to fail, May help arise where you weren't even expecting.

No more loss, No more stagnation, No more backwardness, and no more reproach.

God bless you. Have a nice Easter season and have fun.

P.S: Lol!... You didn't really think someone can unboil eggs do you? Well, maybe except Easter eggs and I don't know where to get them.

If you fell for the joke, Pls don't spoil the fun. Pass it on to your friends that would also like to "unboil" eggs. At least praying for them is also important. ;)

Mature Minds Talk.

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