March 12, 2016 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

Do you believe in fate and destiny? 
You know, personally, I do and that’s why I think I might just have the answer to the biggest question hanging over the head of two of Nigeria’s biggest celebrities – Michael Collins aka Don Jazzy, CEO of the popular Mavins Records and Celebrity blogger, Banana lover and fashion (bags) Admirer; Linda Ikeji.

As a Nigerian who hates seeing someone, especially other Nigerians, battling one particular persisting problem year-in, year-out, I think it’s high time Don Jazzy and Linda Ikeji start thinking outside the box and start believing in destiny. The destiny that has kept them both single, despite all the money, fame and achievements and even all the ridicule and “I don’t care” attitude they’re forming.

There’s no need to join the numerous singles at the MFM’s “Power Must Change Hands” when you both have Twitter accounts and your DMs are working. Please, you Don Baba J, let it go down in the DM like that popular song before one small boy starts asking you “When will you discover Mongo Park”. Big Insult! No wonder you chased him throughout the whole video. Only God knows what happened behind the scenes.

Linda biko, this isn’t the time to form hard-to-get. Once the package from Don Jazzy drops in your DM, just quickly do what? Grab it. Don’t dull. We are expecting bloggers to come up with the hot news as soon as possible. 

 God bless... Please hand me my cup of Lipton and two cubes of sugar. Thanks.

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