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This is the best I could come up with to stop this 'short' writeup from looking like a rant cos I'm even done ranting. (Who ranting epp?) But the mere fact that I tried keeping mute and just walking past and just can't, keeps hitting the matter against my chest over and over again.

Let nobody try to point out the probability of the irrelevance of this writeup since i know that already. Yea... That's not included in the things I don't know. One of the things in that category is the semi-offensive question: How would you like to die?

Before you hiss, shake your head and close Mature Minds Talk page, let me rephrase the question to truncate the canopy of generalization. "How would you like to die... As a black person living in the United States?"
A country where the grim reaper isn't dressed in a black ragged cloak, with a scythe in hand but in a nice fitted buttoned shirt and pants with a gun on the side... And of course, a badge on the chest.

The latest outrage over Alton Sterling, the 37 year old man who was sentenced to death (by two cops) for selling cds outside a mart is only the latest in a series of murder cases across the U.S. and one of the many avoidable deaths from the hands of those who solemnly swear to defend the United States against enemies without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.

It keeps me wondering if there's a need for these mofos(excuse my colloquialism) to read their pledge over and over or as part of their morning drills, a full image of a black citizen be put in front of them with the tag "A Human Being" cos the rate at which these killings are soaring, it would get to a stage where cop killers would be applauded for their unreserved bravery in serving the dish of justice well deserved.

Whether it's the 559th or 585th person isn't the issue. The figure is scary either way, and you kinda wonder what goes through a cop's mind when he pulls that trigger at point blank range. Just as others before this, I watched the Alton Sterling video (about 6 times, trying to find where he made the wrong move) and I must say, "Don't let the U.S. black community have it to their throat or some sh*t would literally go down".

Stumbling on another video of a white guy who resisted (literally, wrestled) two cops after he was buzzed up with a taser gun, and was let go for "later arrest" just makes me sick to my stomach, (I must commend the guy's strength and resilience though) knowing that someone would have been put down like an animal for less. How can you perform efficiently as a cop with a dead conscience and a crooked moral compass?

What exactly is wrong with these retarded cops who think the uniform and badge gives them the authority to decide who lives and who dies? Is there more to it than meets the public eye? Are cops too supposed to expose racist acts (even if they're racists in their neighborhood)? Are they totally ignorant of what the term "Human Rights" mean? Do they have families themselves to know what it's like, losing a member of it? Are they trying to provoke the black community to react or something?
One question begs like two more and it goes on and on. *smh!

Finally, lives are being truncated, families are broken, loved ones are thrown into mourning, black teens are growing with a mentality that cops are the number one enemy, and many other detriments, just because some idiots couldn't put some 'chill' on their trigger fingers.

Alton's 15 year old son, the oldest of 3, just couldn't stop crying all through the public speech given by his wife - No more 'Daddy'. Imagine the sorrow and the pain. The tears and the agony planted in that family for life.
Original Image, Already Making Rounds on Some Parts of Twitter
You are a very busy person, I know, but somehow, you've read this far. So kindly say a word of prayer for Alton Sterling's family, and every other family that has lost a member(s) to a cop's bullet. That was the least expected way they'll have thought death would come - Makes it sadder still.

God bless every mourning family,
God bless every black man/woman doing whatever it takes to survive and feed their families,
God bless the United States of America.

Mature Minds Talk.

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