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Hi guys, how are you doing? How's the new month shaping up... or you're still planning?

So, a few weeks back, I put up a post about a corporate newspaper vendor. Remember? I titled the post: "SELL YOURSELF" You can check it out here: CLICK HERE. so you don't squeeze your forehead like what is this guy talking about again?

I promised to be back and yes, I know you must have started thinking that I'm like all those Nigerian artistes with their "To Be Continued" music videos that never continue (lol!). Nope, not me. for me, it's better late than never. So let's pick up where we left off. Shall we?

Always know that your products will not sell more than the way you think it would. Put a line (in your mind) under the word 'think'. For your products to sell faster, there are a few things to do to make it but let's just quickly check out five (5) points.

Also like one of my bosses would say, people don't like being sold to, they prefer to buy. (read that sentence again and think about it for a minute. Trust me, you'll get it.)

1. Dress For Success: I'll say this first 'cos that's where I stopped in my last post. Sometimes, your product is fantastic, but your appearance is break-tastic (whatever that means). The guy who sold the Punch newspaper to me knew people would most likely give him audience if he differentiated himself with his dressing. More so, of what use is your well packaged product, if you're not well packaged yourself. People don't know what you're 'about' to sell, so they tend to 'buy' you first. (where I come from, it's called sizing you up).

2. Know Everything: Calm down!... I'm not asking you to be an island. What I mean is: Know everything there is to know about your product. I can't just stress enough how important this point is. You need to have used the product, research more on what the product does, know the likely questions people would likely ask, memorize statistics if necessary, and be ready to defend why your product should be preferred to other ones.
Imagine how silly you'll look if someone asks you a question about your product and your reply is: Hold on, let me quickly check google."

3. Don't Sell. Communicate: Now, don't look confused. I'm not confused and neither should you. I'll rather you tell your prospects how your product will serve them, rather than sound too imposing. Your customers/clients want to know how what you're offering would help them solve one problem or the other and you're there telling them why your product is the best and the most affordable in the market. Communicate with your client, have a conversation and from there, you can not only deduce what they want but how badly (or nonchalantly) they want it.

4. Maintain Eye Contact: This might not sound like a valid point to you but super salespersons know how important making eye contact when you're selling is. Whether you're pitching to a client, attending an interview, lobbying for a contract or anything, as long as you're not having a phone conversation, try as much as possible to maintain eye contact. Yes you might like me be from Africa where eye contact is equal to disrespect but please, discard that nonsense theory.
Even if Aliko Dangote is talking to you, look him straight in the eyes and hold that conversation. It simply means you're a confident chap.

5. Learn the Right Body Gestures: You might not really know this but there's a way you tell two people the same thing but with the different body gestures and only one person believes you. The way you motion your body while explaining why you (or your product) should be picked is as important as what you say. Summary: The way you say what you say is as important as what you say. Your body language can determine whether someone buys your product or moves on (Bankers, especially tellers would agree with this).

Look at the picture up there - If that guy was about to tell you why it's better to buy a Volkswagen Golf instead of a Toyota Venza (lol!... Seriously?) You'll still want to listen to him. Wouldn't you?

Don't just package your products, package yourself and communicate with your prospects, not as someone that is 'begging' them to buy, but as someone with total authority. They'll see your pitch as an advice on 'why they need the product'.

Stop attending interviews like your kidney would be removed if they don't select you; instead, make them realize what they'll be missing out on if they choose someone else.

Hope this to some extent  made some sense to you.

Thanks for reading and have a nice time.

Mature Minds Talk.

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