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So there was this video I stumbled on online with which I came to the realization that ‘sleepwalking’ in the 21st Century puts us at the risk of being surrounded by various things to learn from and grow with, but being too distracted to learn anything.

In the said video were two boys, one should be around 14 years old and the other should be around half that age. The little one would keep disturbing the older one whenever he was playing games; always trying to press a button on his game pad. So the older one thought about it and did something funny.

The next time he was playing game, he kept an extra pad beside him for his younger brother . As soon as the younger brother showed up to disturb him, he simply handed him his own gamepad and continued his game. The younger brother, very satisfied with the gesture, took his seat and concentrated on his own game too. He was fiddling with the game pad, pressing various buttons, obviously too young to realize that a fast one had been pulled on him.

The gamepad in his hands wasn’t CONNECTED! (Chai!)

As funny as that video was, I saw in it, the exact way a lot of people lived – MISCONNECTED, UNCONNECTED or DISCONNECTED. Unconsciously MISCONNECTED to the things we consciously tag as things of little or no real value; and in the process, DISCONNECTED from the things that truly matter.

Have you ever taken a minute to realize that almost every tech item or gadget only functions to its fullest capacity, when its CONNECTED to another thing? Number one thing devices depend on, is electricity. Even if your device sports the best battery, not connecting it to a power source over time would soon make the battery go DEAD. Some items (like the remote) can’t work without batteries, no matter how much you press it and beat it, it just wouldn’t work.

Our mobile phones… Haha!... these ones. You must have noticed how incomplete your device feels when you’re DISCONNECTED from your network provider’s internet service because you’re out of subscription. Or when your device is on 11% battery and just when you decide to CONNECT the charger, PHCN happens? (Lol!) Or even when you need to make an urgent call, only to see “searching for network” on your screen instead of the network bars.

Just so we know, we need to consciously CONNECT to the things we consider important, because if we don’t, we would be MISCONNECTED with time consuming trivialities. We need to consciously and intelligently set our priorities and make the right CONNECTIONS in order to experience an upsurge in every area of our lives, where we desire it.

For instance, do you want to be the next big comedian? Why not find a way to connect with top comedians in the business. The next rap star? Why not find a way to connect with A-list rappers.
Whichever career path or life phase we know we could really use some progressive and fantastic CONNECTION, trust me, we would always find people ahead of us that we could CONNECT with; giving us the chance to leverage on their knowledge, their experience, even their name, and so on, to help carve out a path for us.

A good example is AY the comedian. He hustled his way till he CONNECTED with Alibaba and successfully leveraged on the Alibaba brand, taking him as a mentor, after he came to Lagos from Warri. We all are witnesses to how that turned out for him.

While you spend valuable time on social media, just keeping up with the news and trends, your prospects might just be loitering around, waiting for you to use the same social media platform to talk about what you do, upload images of your works and add your business contact details and they begin to CONNECT with you.

Again, this is the 21st century where various connections have not only made the world a smaller global digital village, but also made successful people from the least expected sources. The question is: What CONNECTIONS are you making, and what/Who are you CONNECTING with?

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