November 01, 2016 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

Hello there,

So, someone said it’s the first day of the second to the last month already, and I had to confirm from my calendar if it was true (Lol!)… Days are literally flying by and it would indeed require conscious effort to get the maximum benefit of each day that we get. It means we need to be both consciously active and consciously prepared for opportunities. You know what they say – Victory Loves Preparation.

Who else is thankful to have successfully ticked off 305 days off the 366 for this year? Well, I am, since it is a good habit to number (take cognizance of) our days. Also, because it is was just like 3 weeks ago we counted down to a new year. Guess what? We have just one full month left in 2016.

Let me use this opportunity to say Happy New Month, and may this month be our month of Accelerated Progress. Every goal that has been pending since the beginning of the year, would be gracefully achieved this month.

Trust me, around this time is when people start to give up on some things that are yet to be ticked off in the To-Do list they made either at the beginning of the year or midyear, but I personally don't believe giving up is good mind habit.

Why give up on that thing you wish to do because there is a delay? Why throw in the towel, shake your head in despair, turn around and go home. Why? Who said delay means denial? Who said a lot can’t happen in the remaining 60 days? A whole lot in fact.

Don’t look at the end of the year (except you are a time traveler) look at the beginning of two good months that we’ve got to make something happen. Don’t allow the time left make you procrastinate or say things like “I’ll go at with 360 degrees full force in January!” What if it can be done this year? Then why shift it into the future?

We’ve got enough goals waiting for us in the future. Those ones we’ve shifted are also still waiting. Let’s grab each day of the remaining 60 with both hands and try to make the best of it. We can achieve way more than we expect if we utilize opportunities to the max. If we believe it, then it is possible.

Wishing you a fantastically amazing month ahead.


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