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                                    I’LL OSTRACIZE MY WIFE FROM HER FAMILY

Hi, my name is Richard and I’ve been following your blog for a long time. I even do check on it even when you didn’t post for a long period of time. Good job you’re doing here but be more consistent.

Now, I’ve been married for 8 years but what I’m writing about started some time ago. My wife is caring, loving and everything I want in a woman but I’m about to make a decision that I hope would not tear us apart. That’s why I want to seek opinions first.

You see, my wife has one bad habit, and that’s “Pity” she’s the 21st century Mother Theresa. She can pity human, animal, living thing and non-living thing. This shouldn’t have been my headache but it has become a thorn in my flesh.

We gave birth to our first child/daughter three years into our marriage and since then one of her brothers have been staying with us – Fast forward to today, she has three siblings, all male and one of her friends staying in the house with us.

As if that isn’t even enough, these grown up younger brothers (and even her friend sometimes) ask her for cash. Especially the youngest, who is twenty. The second is twenty-three and the oldest is twenty-five. She’s way older than her immediate younger brother.

I’m not asking her not to take care of her family, at least I take care of mine but carrying all their burden isn’t making me a financially happy fellow and if I try to talk to her about it, she’s quick to say “If they have better options, would they be here?” None of them is ready to go out and hustle.

I’m a businessman, she works in a top company with a very decent salary but we have two kids now, and she’s pregnant with the third. Asides from the fact that I’m not totally comfortable with my daughter growing up amidst three men – and believe me, she’s growing up really fast.

These guys have turned to ‘professional job seekers’ (that's what they tell me when I ask them what they are doing now) and they won’t take the initiative to go fend for themselves, as long as she keeps meeting EVERY of their needs. Sometimes she’ll ask me and I’ll reply with a categorical “NO”. She’ll still find a way to collect or borrow (like she’ll pay me back) and give it to them – This thing really pisses me off. I feel like I have five children already!... and it's a luxury I can't afford.

Now, I’m about to close my eyes and send them all packing, and tell her that it’s either I remove her name as a signatory on our joint account or she stops her silly pitying habit. We need to help our families but we shouldn't go overboard because we want to help.

But the thing is, I’m scared how she will react to this. She has fragile emotions. I’m even second-guessing my decision. So should I just leave them and open another secret account and be saving? (I’ll tell her in future, why I did it) or should I stamp my foot down and chase them away? Or should I give her a monthly allocation for “Helping People”? Or… what do you think?

Thanks everyone.                                                                                                     

Kindly drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. Mhen... Women get wahala oh. That's how she'll make the man look like the bad guy.

    Chase them out. She might be mad at first but trust me, she'll understand later.

  2. Leave them. What if they were your family members. Open a private account and save.

    Have human feelings pls.

  3. *sighs* well... If u say she has a fragile emotion, I think u should just open another private account and start saving. Women sha!!!. And most of us won't take it if its the other way round o. It is well!!