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Hi there,

Welcome to MMT’s New Friday WDYT series.

So, this is the first post in a series of WDYT series and WDYT simply stands for “What Do You Think?”

In the WDYT series, we’ll be sharing true life stories and real facts that we’ve gathered by ourselves and thanks to our guest contributors who have given us express permission to share the stories.
So even if you’re too busy to comment on every other post on MMT, please, ejor, biko, mbok, your comment would definitely be needed on WYDT post because that is actually the reason why we’re putting up the post – so we get people’s opinions and maybe, just maybe your thought can be of help to either the person in question, or someone else in a similar situation. Thank you Sir’s/Ma’s.

Without further ado, let’s quickly check out the WDYT post for today. Are you ready?

Here we go!

So, the lady in the center of all this just got a job a month ago in Lagos. The job is a nice paying job, if N80,000 sounds good to you.

The firm is all these types that the boss only shows up once in a while – for like a month and disappears for the next two months, then reappears again. She didn’t meet THE BOSS until two weeks back. By the readjustment of every single staff when the news that THE BOSS was coming broke, she knew he was respected (feared).

The day the boss came around, she stood from her seat, greeted the boss but he wouldn’t reply. He just strolled into his office like no one was there. A couple of minutes later, the boss called the new staff and this is where the story gets a bit interesting.

The boss categorically tells the lady in question that he’s a Yoruba man and he expects his staff to greet him in a manner that conforms to his culture and tradition. Cutting out the long grammar, he expects the lady to kneel (knees touching the floor) in greeting any time she’ll be greeting him – No jokes. The lady simply said “Ok sir” and left his office.

She’s presently thinking of resigning from her job, as she just can’t cope with the greeting aspect of it. Being an Igbo lady makes it all more complicated for her and according to her, she’ll rather work for less and be happy, than work for more and disgruntled.

Is tending her resignation letter okay? Do you think she should just kneel and greet without putting her mind to it?

What piece of advice would you give the lady in question?

What Do You Think?

Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. Well....its sounds kind of overboard for him to say that. If she has another job, she can resign, but if not, she can just lock up and do it. Its no Biggy anyways.������

  2. She should resign jor... What kind of nonsense is that?

    I can't deal oh.