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Yaaay! You made it too!

Wow!… It’s really something. Isn’t it? This same year that had us shouting Happy New Year! a couple of months ago, has indeed right before our very eyes reached the last month. God is indeed faithful.

Hope it has been a very productive year? Cos for me, it has been full of testimonies. Well, I’m sure it has been the same for you too. Inarguably, a lot of retrospective thinking would be done (especially at the end of) this month.

Accounts would be balanced and meeting on how the year went (some call it “Progress Check”) would be held by corporate and private businesses (and individuals). While some look back at how the year went by and just keep celebrating, others look back and are not so happy.

The big question to you is this: When you look back on the decisions you made (or did not make) and the actions you took (or did not take) throughout the course of the year, how do you feel?
Cos whether you like it or not, our decisions and actions are what determines our results (thus far). 

I have made some fantastic decisions this year, just as I wish I could re-decide on some occassions; and it's probably the same for you too.

Bottomline, let us ensure we reflect, learn from our mistakes, and do some self appraisal and criticism. This would sure help us make better decisions in future. We should not also forget that decisions are nothing, if the necessary actions required to make the best of the opportunities that present itself to us are not taken.

May every good thing you are still hoping for be surprisingly delivered unto you this month.

As the year closes up shop, you, your family and loved ones would be shielded from all end-of-the-year perils.

May you be divinely connected with opportunities, people and scenarios that will project you ahead and give you a head start in 2017. 

And may you be able to recognize those opportunities when they come knocking.

Have a fantastic last of the 12; aka December.

Happy New Month.

God bless you. 

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