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I just finished a business negotiation with a guy in Italy; he stays in Italy but he’s Nigerian. I feel gloomy. Reason is because the negotiation hit the rocks. We couldn’t reach a middle ground and the price he was asking me to pay to buy “My” website was just too ridiculous. Even if I had the money, I’ll think twice before buying the website at that price – but I don’t even have it!

Yes, I know you saw it – I said “My” website. Now, you’re probably wondering, “How come someone is selling you what’s yours at a price you can’t afford?”  I’ll tell you how – I didn’t act fast enough. That’s how.

Sometime ago, I had an idea for a service website and I discussed it with a friend who told me it was a brilliant idea. But we need to execute it quickly if we’re really serious about it. ‘Busy me’ kept on dragging it and dragging it, until I was finally reading to execute (at my convenience).

I called my friend, told him it’s time to LAUNCH!... we began doing the groundwork, collected a few information (content), and was ready to kick off the second phase of the project – Web Design. I preferred (against instruction) to gather the content of the site first before creating the site. (Shey me, I’m the content person na. Content gang, clap for yourself).

The minute we tried buying the domain name, which is what web developers do before proceeding with web design, I realized that the name in my mind, which was the ‘perfect perfecto’ for the site had already been taken. “How?” was the first question I asked myself probably because I had thought the name was unique to me. Then I decided to look up the site.

As a matter of fact, the site didn’t look like much. Looked more of a website template than a website but the design was exactly what we wanted to do. My heart was beating fast. Hopefully the site didn’t belong to anyone and my ethical hacker friend can help out. Lo and behold!, he traced the ownership of the site to a guy in Italy.

I didn’t want to ask but I went ahead and asked (probably to rub salt on the wound) “How long has he parked the domain (it’s a technical web development term)”

“Just three months ago” my friend replied.

“Damnit!” I blurted on impulse “I had this same idea around four months ago” I explained, like that was going to automatically switch the ownership of the site. I rubbed my face with both my palms and decided I was going to buy the site from the guy. He ‘kuku’ wasn’t using it (yet).

Since then, it’s been on and off phone conversations, how he still plans on using it later in future when he comes back to Nigeria, how he might just auction it and sell it to the highest bidder, he even had me give him a consultation session of the website’s potentials, especially when I realized there could be a chance for a partnership.

We’ve said our goodbyes and as I write this piece, I feel light and bright again. Why? Because it has been a good life lesson for me and I’ve seen the good in that experience.

Ideas can never be monopolized.

Once that idea hits your mind, believe it or not, it’s hitting the minds of several other people. It’s now left for the first to take ACTION. If you procrastinate like I did, you just might end up trying to buy your own idea… and heavens smile on you like it did me, you can’t even afford the price the faster person is calling.

Ideas are like airplanes, ask an aeronautical engineer what happens when an aircraft is left on the ground for too long. They are not cars, airplanes gain longevity when they are off the ground. So are ideas. It gets worse with ideas in the sense that, if you don’t kick that brilliant idea off the ground, someone else will jump in the pilot seat and leave you to pay for the flight (if you can afford it).

Give that idea a lift off!

Mature Minds Talk.

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